Month: May 2013

Ker, Kerr, Carr

Kerr Elwald with additions   1579 a Carr (Kerr) is associated to a Rowland Elwald, likely in Cottingham region, East Riding, Yorkshire. added 9/19/2013

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Name Mapping

Elwald Name Mapping; It should be noted that locations of the prominent names of Redheugh; Robert, William, and John, can previous to 1400 can be found in south Northumbria, and south. Elwald Name Mapping The  information on name mapping can

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Y-DNA to locate.

Utilizing my Y-DNA, plus Family Tree DNA was able to find surname emergence for family genealogy. Using geographic surname correlation extra Able to use genealogy, for exact matches at twelve markers to find were the Elwald surname emerged. Three of

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