Angus; Ellot and Arbirlot?

It has been brought to the attention off many whether it is felt the Ellot are of Angus.

Elliott origins 1986 Elliot


Arthur Eliott;feels that Angus has been well researched by a Dr George Elliott of Victoria, Canada, with a thorough-going investigation, with finding no evidence that the Elliot originated from the region of Angus.

Elwald Ellot name origins (2)


George Tancred; fells it is highly improbable that the origins of Elliot would be in Angus and brings forth the concept of dual origins.

Concepts which presented by me how  Ellot Burn, and Arbirlot may have received their names.

el lot 6-9-2013

Arbirlot arbor-lot, Ellot el-lot 2-16-2013

Ellot Water, Angus 8-23-2010


Mark Elliott                                                                                6/9/2013

Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (1)


Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (2)


Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (3)


MSE 3/7/2014

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