Carruther I-M253 Y-DNA

The Carrothers/Carruthers, of Debatable Lands and Fermanagh also carry I-M253

Carrutherstown, Dumfries Google map.


Karrruthers 1654 Blaeu map

It should be noted that Karruthers in above are of Dumbfrieshire below.


Curruthers, and variants seem to have a dominate I-253 Y-DNA, and West Scottish Border distribution. Border Reiver group has a Scottish bias, but census concentration is of the Debatable Lands region It is felt that this I-M253, could be attributed to a single individual, where the non down slope Y-DNA can be attributive to NPE, non parental event.
Curruthers likely derived from Curuthers with a single “r”.