Carruthers I-M253 Y-DNA

The Carrothers/Carruthers, of Debatable Lands and Fermanagh also carry I-M253

Carrutherstown, Dumfries Google map.


The Bruce family is strong in Robert de Brus (Bruce) 5th Load of Annadale
It should be noted; that in US History, a lot of black people freed from slavery would choose the name Washington, and name of a great US hero. In the same way in the region of  Karruthers-Carrutherstown, in the same pool of Y-DNA some with the Karuthers (Carruthers) Carrrutherstown, would choose to take the name of the Scotland’s hero Bruce.

1654 in Co. Annandale, which is now of Co. Dumfries.

Karrruthers 1654 Blaeu map

In the 13th century, the family rose to be the hereditary stewards of Annandale under the Bruces. Nigel de Karruthers became Rector at nearby Ruthwell and rose to become Canon of Glasgow Cathedral in 1351 and was chancellor to Robert, Steward of Scotland (progenitor of the Stewart monarchs).

During time of surname adoption, which and individual “de Karruthers” from Karruthers/Carruthers, would drop the “de” and become Carruthers, or adopted the surname of the Bruce, giving the Carruther and Bruce a stemming from the same Y-DNA father.

It should be noted that Karruthers in above are of Dumbfrieshire below. added 10/15/2017 MSE


Curruthers, and variants seem to have a dominate I-253 Y-DNA, and West Scottish Border distribution. Border Reiver group has a Scottish bias, but census concentration is of the Debatable Lands region It is felt that this I-M253, could be attributed to a single individual, where the non down slope Y-DNA can be attributive to NPE, non parental event.
Curruthers likely derived from Curuthers with a single “r”.
Received in email Oct 12, 2017;

“Mark, I am enjoying this tremendously.   I have been matching up the Bruce YDNA Project to the info I have and it looks like the Bruce family is positive for the L22 and they CTS11603,  with William De Carruthers 1185 – 1245

Always another clue to another piece of the puzzle
The name Carruthers, stemming from a single individual, and having a locality surname is extremely unique among surnames.
The name Elliott is large in numbers and has neither locality, or stemming from the same individual.
If surnames match, like Carruthers (note; need to make sure “s” is on end of name, make a difference), like Bruce, then it is extremely that those Bruce surnames where adopted from the same Y-DNA pool at the same time Carruthers, of Karruthers now Carrutherstown, UK, adopted their surname and of the same region.
10/24/2017 MSE