Cavers is up for sale, but what do people know of it’s history;

In the 13th century the Baliol had obtained Cavers.

de Cavers







Cavers House



Robert the Bruce to Douglas, the lands of Kirkandrews, Liddesdale and Cavers;

Archibald Douglas land of Kirkandrews, Cavers, and Liddesdale



Maps show the region and relationships of Cavers;

Branxholm Cavers, Buccleach map


Baillillie, Buccleuch, Branxholm, Cavers, Stobs map land of Scotts



Strong Kerr-Douglas relations in the region;

Douglas Kerr Cressford Cavers Primside sasine


Also William Douglas with land of  Braidley, McPatrickhope, and Schaws, around the Hermitage Casle;

William Douglas of Cavers McPatickhope, Braidley, and Schawes

Also Elwald-Cavers relations;

Robert Elwald  Douglas of Cavers


Also in 1854;

Elliot of Cavers

Harwick Cavers Elliot Ninian Mungo census plus comments


Mark Elliott   11/2//2013

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