Clementis Hob genealogical line

Clementis Hob,

Clementis Hob

Robert Elwald/Ellot alias Clementis Hob had sons

Robert Elliott/Ellot of the John Hamilton estate, Armagh, Ulster

and Dand/Daniel Elliot/Ellot of the James Somerville and Elizabeth (Hamilton) Estate of Tullykelter.

Robert, had sons Robert, William, and Archibald, and grandsons of the same names. This family likely died in the Irish Rebellion of 1642.

Daniel, had sons William Sr (& a Jr), Gawon (Gavin), Robert, Mungo and Mark.

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Dand Ellott sone to Clementis Hob;



Clementis Hob

Mark Elliott

Clementis Hob is the second son of Andrew Ellot, of Horsleyhill, which likely because Andrew was somewhat a fugitive was adopted by his uncle, Clement Croser (Crosier/Crozier) living in Stobs at the time.


Note; Clementis is the same as the more modern possessive Clement’s, and sometimes is used in the writings.

Clemementis Hob hand

Clementis Hob is listed as one of the Thieves of Liddesdale, and known for the time as one of the most notorious.

The story even carries over into Ulster;

Clementis Hob The Thieves of Liddisdail Ulster

In 1544 it is mention that Stobs is in possession of Clement Crosar.

Crosar Gledstanes Stobs

Then was said the land passed into the hand of the Gledstanes. It is felt that since Clement Crosar, is said to be called Cokis Clement;

Ellot Clemmie Crosar called Cokis, and young son

It is felt that Clement Crosar, has allegiance to the land owner of the Coklaw estate the Gledstanes.

John Gledstanes of Coklaw

In 1509 John Gledstanes was of Coklaw. It is felt that Stobs at this time is part of the Gledstanes’ Coklaw estate, and the Crosar moved on to it;

Gledstanes Crosar Coklaw

John Crosier, and Adam Crosyer are of Agerstonessheldes and Clemyt Crossier are of Stobs. A Hobbe Elwode Clemyt syster sone. This is saying Hob Ellot (Robert Elliot), is the nephew of Clement Crosar, and this would be Clementis Hob of Stobs.

Crosar of Stobs and Agerstoneshields

The following gives the region which families of Buccleuch (Scot), Douglas, and Gledstanes owned land in 1540;

landholders 1540

Clementis Hob William Douglas Cavers Gledstanes Coklaw

The Coklaw Tower/Castle of the Gledstanes, is on the south end of Collifort Hill; a hill which has coal operations, collieries, and a number of forts on it between Hawick and Stobs. Coklaw is on the southern most mound/law and are felt to have coking oven(s) for making coke for iron, to be milled down river towards Hawick.

Stobs carboniferous

One can see there is carboniferous; carbon (coal) ferous (iron), coal and iron deposits in region. Red sandstone is indicative of the color iron gives in oxidation, or can rarely be caused if a stratified coal bed in its geological past burns out.

Clement Crosar called Cokis. Hob Ellot Called Clementis Hob, Clement Crosar in Humilknow, with Martin Crosar his brother in Hawick. James Gledstanis of Coklaw. Jok (John) Ellott called Lawis (of mound) Jok. Richie (Richard) Ellot called Lawis Richie, all in Liddesdale.

Ellott Elliot 1570 (1)

Landholders listed; Willam Douglas of Cavers, James Gledstanis of Coklaw, and Robert Ellott (Elliot) of Redheugh.

Ellott Elliot 1570 (2)

Stobs Coklaw Hummelknows Collifort Hill

In the map above one can see the Cokis Crosar, living at Stobs and Adderston, at the foot of the Gledstanes’ Coklaw Castle/Tower, can give support to the estate of Coklaw when called upon.


One can see that Clementis Hob; Clement Crosar’s, nephew Hob (Robert) Elwald/Ellot, is of Goranberry/Gorranberry, along with his father’s half and younger brother Archibald Ellot (Archie Keen (keen means sharp)), also of Gorrenberry. This is of the land which William Elwald of Gorrenberry own when Robert received lands of Redheugh and Lariston.

Clementis Hob had a son;

Dand Ellott sone to Clemmentis Hob

This Dand was felt to be banished from both kingdoms in 1607;

Braidlie 1607 banished from both kingdoms.

Then was recorded as being in  Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland as a Daniel Elliot.


Mark Elliott 1/24/2015


Gib Ellott is born a minor son of Redheugh, and after death was taken in by Gavin of Stobs and his with Jean Scot sister to Branxholm/Buccleuch. Dandie Ellott’s dad is Clementis Hob (Hob Elwald/Ellot), and his father is Andrew/Andro (Dand the Cowie) who’s oldest is Andrew (Dan the Cow) Burgess of Shelkirk. Dandie the Cowie thought to be, in the slaughter of Hugh Douglas, would travel from Baillillie on land or became land of the Braxholm/Buccleuch, to visted his younger half brother Archie Keen (Archibald Ellot the wise, literate in Latin).and his son Clementis Hob, which was cared for at Stobs by his uncle Clement Crosar (Crosier), when he was young. Dand the Cowie because he did not want to be captured would come out at night to help his family of Gorrenberry out, and became known as The Cowie of Gorrenberry.

It should be noted that there was not a particular Sweet Milk, as the Branxholm/Buccleuch family would claim, it was a name which this family would called the youngest looking rider of this William-Archibald (Archie), Gilbert (Gib), Andrew (Dan) and Robert (Hob) Ellot. The name Clement (Clem) was not used by the Ellot family, but by the Crosar/Crosier family, like Clement Croser of Stobs, where Stobs was land owned by the Coklaw Castle, above Stobs, which was of the Gledstanes allied to the Branxholm/Buccleuch. Clement Crosar a tenant on land of Stobs an supported to the Gledstane Coklaw estate a castle on the hill above Stobs would sometimes be called Cokis Clem, and name which showed support to the Coklaw estate.

At the time of The Union of the Crowns, Bold Branxholm/Buccleuch, being a true person of family, could not displace these families so he left the country and went to the Netherlands. Land has to be concentrated, so since the family was related to the Gilbert line, land was concentrated with Gilbert which has a descendent of Sir Gilbert Eliott. In the stories at the time Gilbert line is elivated and made exceptions of, where my line was banished from both kingdoms, and denigrated and called thieves, though were highly literated and tutored Gilbert which did not receive much education being a minor son of Redheugh, but related to Branxholm/Buccleuch.

Gib (Gilbert) Eliott line became of Stobs, then of Redheugh where they are at today. It has been said by Branxholm/Buccleuch, that Sir Gilbert killed the Laird of Cessford, and this is the way it is written in history by the Branxholm/Buccleuch line. Gilbert was not a Sir or alive when this event happened.

Today the Branxholm/Buccleuch line are still feuding but in more of a so called covert fashion. The husband to Maggie the Clan chief of Clan Elliot in his younger age had MI6 links. Maggie’s father and grandmother were and are known as the top Elliot Clan genealogical researchers, of two generations. My father Loren Spencer Elliott, is known to be an excellent researcher from a line of farmers. Who would one think to be the most accurate at researching a second generation, of aristorcrates, or a second generation from a line of farmers?

First of all, I know I have family responsibilites, of being descended form Andrew-Dan the Cowie of Gorrenberry, to show up an help the Elliot/Eliott family, and be sherking them, but it was not until I could applied the mechanics of the computer with the internet I could show, hope people accept my familie’s appologies for not helping over the more than four centuries, but the descendent of Andrew-Dan the Cowie, and his son the notorious Clementis Hob is back, with help from my brethren made to look notorious the bears which are strong in the arms, the today’s Armstrong.

Today if the chiefs of the UK Elliot & Kerr Clans, and Cessford the Duke of Roxburghe, do not stand up against a wind farm on my ancestral lands of Gorrenberry figure the must be for it. The clan chief of the Clan Kerr, Clan Elliot, and Duke of Roxburgh today’s Cessford, and a Ker, have not stood against Infinis of England placing a corporated industrial wind turbine array, by Infins the English of near London, of Lands of Gorrenberry, insight of the most symbolic, historical antiquity, of all displaced reiver-border family on English Plantation through out the world, that of The Hermitage Castle. Cousin Maggie should know better then to ride with the Ker, when they are feuding with Buccleuch.

The clan chiefs for the UK Elliot, UK Kerr, and the Duke of Cessford, a Roxburghe Ker, have beaten the Buccleuch family Northumberland in a lawsuit over wind turbines because they are all linked to North British Windpower LLC (NBW), which imposes corporated structures on scenic land of Scotland.

The UK Elliot Clan, should know better than riding with a Ker, in a long time fued with the Scot, it is best to ride with the UK Armstrong which through their clan trust Clan Armstrong Trust, along with the Buccleuch Estates are working to preserve this region including the ancestral homelands of Gorrenberry of the family of Stobs.

The lands of Gorrenberry were owned by this family at the time Branxholm/Buccleuch took stewardship of the Mangerton Armstrong lands, of the request of Archibald “Bell the Cat”, and Robert Elwald/Ellot/Elliot received the lands of Redheugh and Landholds. There at the time was a William Elwald of Gorrenberry, which carries the stag-head, the sign of Elwald, King/Saint bones of Hexam Abby, minted a coin at York in the later part of the eighth century was a stag’s-head on one side and a full body horse on the other side.

Bjørn (Danish bear) , and Elgwald (Danish-Germanic elk/moose of the forest), were of York, and likely had the same parentage, as in the Fairbairn (Fair Bear) Story.

At one time Gib (Gilbert), Dan (Andrew), and Buck (Buccleuch), were one big family, and it took The Union of the Crowns to split us apart. Hopefully our true brethren the UK Armstrong can put us back together again.

Mark Elliott    1/26/2015

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