Dear Maggie,

Felt I needed to write you though I do not have your email, and hope people reading this would foreword it to you.

Found a family line which still working on corrections. The Daniel Ellot people of the Ulster Plantation say we are german cousins, which after making corrections, found out that you father Arthur Eliott, is correct in the analogy of the term german cousin which state we are cousins which somewhere along the line share the same parents.

This line is the Elwald line which became Ellot and about like you father said about with a lot of turmoil on his part the insertion of an “i” about 1650 became the Wm de Aliot name of Elliot.

Unlike the Wm de Aliot which most Elliott of the UK are  which stems from Aliot, in Eastern France, my name Elchwald/Elgwald/Elfwald/Elwald/Ellot/Elliot/Elliott of an the English American Plantation like most Plantation names stems from Saxon Germany.

My name as Elchwald (elk (moose of Americans) of the forest) of Saxony near today’s Berlin, is brother to the Berwald (bear of the forest) Fairbairn/Armstrong, since the the Fair Bear stories say the bear and the elk (moose) have the same parentage.

The elch/elk (moose) today are returning on ancient trails to the forest near Berlin.

When the family entered Denmark near Hamburg the name change to the Danish Elg fro Elch/Elk then to the British Isles it changed to Elf since their  were no Elg-Elch/Elk in the British Isles, and the symbol of the elk turn to a deer stag, though the left handed Ker and Ker having the Scandinavian mean of swamp where elg/elk/elch (moose) are found retained the head of one on the top of their crest. The Elchwald/Elfwald can be quite mischievous and illusive.

Maggie I concur with you father that the Scottish Elliot line, and the US Elliott as opposed to the UK Elliot are not of the St German (Port Eliot) line, and it should not happened that and “i” was inserted, so the lines could be accepted as completely different lines of which they are.

In my family line the insertion of the “i” happened when granddad Daniel; Ulster Plantation (of Dand evolving from Andrew) Ellot was captured fighting for Hamiltonian Anglican/Episcopalian Royalist fight for king Charles I, and loosing to Cromwell imprisoned at Tutthill Fields, Westminster, London. Daniel like many Scottish Royalists accepted indenture ship to Cromwellian American Harvard College oriented English Puritans, where the name became Ellet then the St German; Elliot, and at the time of the American Revolution; Elliott.

The family did not care for the name Gilbert, and the name Gilbert was not utilized by Ulster Scots, and in America the name Champernown was in preference to Gilbert.

The name William was a preferred name. It should be noted that the oldest son of Gilbert Elliot was William Eliott.  It should be noted that at first a Sir John Elliot was looked on fondly be the Gilbert Elliot family, and the Cromwellian Parliamentarians, at the time had good promise over King Charles I, but after Cromwell start his advance on the Royalist Hamiltonian Anglican/Episcopalians, William the oldest changed the name to Eliott, and felt the he could be treated as a traitor to Cromwell and his estate taxed away from him by the Cromwellian Parliamentarians, he decided to commit suicide to save the estate from his family, and became  a hero for his line and the line of Royalist Elliot as being found in the American English Plantation.

Gilbert was born of the Redheugh line, of Robert, but is felt to be the bastard child of Gavin (which is said to have only daughters), Ellot of Horseleyhill and Jean Scot. This would make us as the Ulster Scots say; german cousins. At the time accepting Gilbert (Gib) and Andrew (Dan) both families share the names of Gavin, Robert, William and Archibald (from Douglas).

My line is of the Gorrenberry. and fought with the grain of Martin Ellot of Braidley, next to it.  Andrew (Dand), was abolished from both kingdoms that of England and Scotland in 1607, and it is felt that the Hamilton, of which Marion Hamilton, was married to Robert, so would be Gilbert’s aunt helped my grandfather move onto the Ulster Plantation.

Gavin father of Gavin had two wifes, and which his first wife born were William, Robert, and Andrew, and the second wife, who was wife to Robert, Jean Scot had a Gavin and Archibald (Archie Keen).

Gilbert and Gavin were strongly related to the Buccleuch Scot family.  The Buccleuch Scot family was hiding my granddad Andrew son by Gavin first wife in the region of Baillillie. Gaven the father was of Horseleyhill, Baillillie and Stobs. Andrew had sons Andrew the Cow Burgess (baillie) of Shelkirk, and Clementis Hob (Clement Crosar’s nephew Robert Elwald/Ellot) of Stobs.

Buccleuch and my family had a vested interest in Gilbert becoming the clan chief.  With the family born of Horsleyhill they were well educated so it was in their interest to tutor Gilbert and his oldest son William. William being the youngest took to the tutoring more.

Though property of Hassendeen taken from the David Scot family and land of the Ellot which were abolished from both kingdoms went to Gilbert, Gilbert was misrepresented by the Buccleuch family.

Hatreds between the Ulster Andrew (Daniel), and other Ulster Ellot families developed towards the Gilbert Stobs/Horsleyhill/Redheugh family, and hatreds from the Gilbert family went towards the Clementis Hob-Archie Keen (wise because of high literacy), of Gorrenberry, and of Martin Elwood/Ellot, of next door Braidley family which the Gorrenberry Gang supported was hated by the Redhuegh family.

Today the Redheugh family is supporting the placement of a wind farm on my familie’s hill which were just called THE HILL, like Mark Ellot of THE HILL, also Lawis John means John Elwald/Ellot of the Hill which is The Hermitage Hill. This is felt because of a feud with Buccleuch and the Plantation Elliotts.

Though MI6NBW tries to stay covert, and covered, the Redheugh Eliott, have created my cover for me out of their hatreds. Like the elk/elf I get to stand in front of them like in a forest and not be seen.

It should be noted; this is like Helen Kid’s curse, with Gilbert being the bastard child of Robert of Redheugh, and Jean Scot, but is actually the biological child of Gavin Ellot of Horseleyhill and Jean Scot, making him born of Redheugh, but of Horseleyhill, with a seal/crest with an elwand (standard of measurement for Scotland in the sixteenth century).

The Wm de Horseleyhill crest is described a chevron with two mullets in the chief and a stag’s head in the base like the Martin of Braidley crest and quite similar to the Fernihirst Ker crest.

Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker


Drew the above previously to finding the following.


Martin Elwood/Ellot of Braidley;

Elwood Crest

Horsliehill 1574 Cavers crest

Gilbert of Horsleyhill;

S. Gilberti Ellot de Horslihill seal crest


Diagram showing shared names;

Horseleyhill venn line name sharing


Though do not care that much for Buck (Buccleuch) how he misrepresented the Gilbert line of Horseleyhill/Redheugh, but historically the Buccleuch family took stewardship of the Hermitage Castle/Mangerton land since the time Robert received land of Redheugh, and that is why there was no Armstrong showing at the time Robert Elwald received land of Redheugh. My family a William Elwald of Gorrenberry showed twice.

Buccleuch family has done an excellent job of preserving (renovating) and protecting the land of the Hermitage Castle, and my family the Elwald lived on Hermitage Castle Hill where there was foresta (elwald; patches of trees) in areas of Braidley (from Saxon Broadlee means as the valley of Broadleehope/Braidleyhope/Braidley burn, is broad on the lee/west side of the valley/hope/burn).

Now Infinis a similar firm to NBW, is trying to place a wind farm on the hill of my family the much hated by the Gilbert line, Gorrenberry, who associated with the Braidley family. The Elliot Clan Society has Braidley misplaced and have been trying for years to get it properly place between the Hermitage Castle and Gorrenberry.

The historian for The Elliot Clan Society; Keith Elliot Hunter, I like your father Arthur Eliott a second generation research genealogist like myself I hold in the highest regard. The best genealogists will admit they make errors, but these two individuals have helped me make corrections.

Though Keith Elliot Hunter, feels the Elwald line does not exist. It is felt if he ever thinks it exists I am afraid he may as a hunter shot me as an elk (moose).

Keith Elliot Hunter is very consistent in his analysis of the Elliot line, and has from what I can tell found the development of the Elliot name which my family adopted as Scottish indenture to English American Plantation Puritans.

He has also been able to find out how the Elliott of the UK developed their name. Also I considered him somewhat and in-law, and Maggie I feel I got the better of the two. Maggie you got, Buck, and I have Keith Elliot Hunter.

It is felt that the Armstrong , Elwald/Ellot and Crosar (Clement of Stobs, the adoptive father of Clementis Hob), brought nine Hunter from the nation of England into Scotland ca 1566, in exchange for some Rutherfords. They came with high quality reference to the Thieves of Liddesdale, as being Thieves of Tyndale.

Keith Elliot Hunter has a high reputation of great esteem, with the community of Hawick (apologize for pronouncing it hay-wick). Hawick in accordance to the numbers is standing strongly against the wind farm on Hermitage Hill because their citizens no how in the long run having arrays of electric power wind turbines on Hermitage Hill will affect the economy from the ancestors of resettled Scots to the English Plantations which will not want to visit the greatest symbol of their homeland with a wind farm in the background.

Keith Elliot Hunter holds Slaughtree in high regard, and I hold Thorsleehope in the highest of regard.



As one can see they are across from each other on the Liddel Water.

Thorsleehope; where Thor went into a valley to stay out of the wind.

Thorsleehope, was said to be the location of the Elwald/Ellot previous to Redheugh, and the region it is felt the Martin Ellot of Braidley family migrated towards.

Slaughtee; means willow tree and is known as the region of Helen Kid’s Curse.

If you want to see Helen Kid’s Curse at work, do not stand up against the wind farm on Hermitage Hill.

Because of family hatreds to he Gorrenberry family, this plus the placement of the Hermitage Hill Windfarm of Infinis, that proper placement of Braidley is not being made, by The Elliot Clan Society.

Since The Elliot Clan Society does not recognize in accordance to it’s historian the Elwald line, and that the Elwald line was adopted by Clement Crosar of Stobs, and I as an elk (moose) is related to the Fairbairn; bear, am asking the Armstrong Clan to welcome the Elwald line as they have the Crozier as one of their septs. Since I am of the father’s father, and not of estate am more as an Armstrong. The Armstrong, Kerr, and Hume which made up the boundary army Scotland, have recognized given my line the Elwald the army of the Armytage/Hermitage.


Mark Elliott   6/7/2014









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