Douglas, Elliot, Scot, Hawick of Hermitage Castle;

James Elwald in 1526 did not kill Cessford, and start a feud between Buccleuch and Cessford which is still going on to this day. With Cessford in the past being of North British Windpower NBW, trying to place a wind farm called Windy Edge of Infinis now Muirhall, near the Hermitage Castle which Buccleuch, does not own, but stewards for the prosperity of all. It is like placing a wind farm on the ancient grounds of Roxburgh, which is easily prevented by Cessford, the Duke of Roxburghe because he owns these lands. James Elwald was a traitor to James V, which dishonestly, hung Johnny Armstrong, of Gilnockie-Hollows tower, and that is what it shows James Elwald in 1526 being hung for. One has to be kind of proud of James Elwald of 1526 these days. “The contract for the purchase of Stobs is dated June 3, 1580, and is expressed to be made between ‘Gawane Ellot of Baillilie’ and Gawin Glaidstanes, brother and heir-apparent to the deceased George Glaidstanes of Stobbes.” The Border Elliots and the Family of Minto By George Francis Scott Elliot pages 242-3 Ch XV The Ellot (ie earlier Elwald), obtained Stobs in the Barony of Cavers, in 1580.
A Hawick (pronounced “hoik”) Word Book by Douglas Scott (note; forename is “Douglas”) [DRAFT — version of 29 December 2017] [send comments to dscott‘‘AT’’]
WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE HAWICK ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY.. “ Not really about archaeology, but a fantastic way to unearth information about the history of the area around Hawick, in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The huge number of articles in the Society’s Transactions form an unparalleled view of the traditions, language and people of this area. And since so many families can trace their roots back here, it represents a genealogical goldmine! ” Douglas Scott
Being a Douglas, thought you may be interested. Know you are familiar with the given site, but others may not be, so this link is given; “The Earl of Angus in 1470 appointed David Scott of Buccleuch to the office of Custodian of Hermitage Castle, and for many years the Scotts fulfilled this duty. In 1492, Archibald Douglas, fifth Earl of Angus, exchanged Liddesdale and Hermitage with Patrick Hepburn, third Lord Hales, who was created first Earl of Bothwell,..”
Buckcleuch, is well defined by Walter Elliot. Map shows places and family names to the east in Counties Selkirkshire and Treviotdale, which should be of interest. Even Cavers which is up for sale; (needs a wee bit restoration). Note; John “le”(the) Scott or Ulhtred “Fitz” (son of the) Scott.
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My relatives were of the Horslehill (Gorrenberry) family, and a James Scot, son to Walter Scot in (not of) Hassindene, rode with the Ellot and was beheaded for it. The jury for the prosecution, had Scot in it, but the jury for the defense had Douglas in it. ‘Buck’ the Bauld Buccleuch, was judge avocated for Queen Mary of Scotland. 1564 Gawane, and Arche said because of age were not executed, but since Gawane it is felt that this part of the family had better relations with Buccleuch, and married a Buccleuch’s sister Jean Scot married a Gawane/Gawin of Horslehill, marriage to Robert Ellot fifteenth Ellot chief, with son Gilbert ‘Golden Garters’ of Stobs.
Know my family the Ellot were in with a notorious group of people; even some Scottis of Ewisdaill, but no Douglas seem to be among them. Those Douglas must have been among the “good guys”.
Ray Irwin, wanted to have Dale Dodds, see this amazing piece of research done by Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study- Background FTDNA James M Irvine, group administrators, which included Dodd/Todd, in their separation out of the NPE Non Parental Events, showing a linkage to the Clans along the borders, best known as Border Reivers. Both Carruther, on the west border and Fairbairn on the east border show a strong I-M253 impact, which may give some credence of the Armstrong-Fairbairn story.
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Combining genealogy, and SNP DNA, testing by FTDNA Big-Y and outside resources. One can get Big-Y results through other labs besides Family Tree DNA. Using these results to verify branch points, at documented date of Daniel Elliot of Salem Trials of March 28, 1692, for Daniels, first son Daniel, and sixth son of seven Johnathan which I am descended from, plus an older brother to Daniels father Daniel which is Robert, gives a branch point for the Boyling Rock , Portsmouth, NH, and cross river, Eliot Neck, Kittery, Maine, Baptist, which were baptized in Boston, and went down to Charles Town (Charleston) SC, and started those southern Baptize. Yes, the southern Baptize have roots in Boston, MA, with R-U106 Elliot in them.
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R-M269>U106>S12025>S16361>A6722+, also included without testing SNPs should be the same as mine, that is of James Donald Elliott listed commissioner for the Arizona Clan Elliot Society. Fourth cousins, James Donald Elliott, and my father Loren Spencer Elliott, decease about two years ago, are listed in the 2010 Elliot Clan Society directory. Once removed from James Donald Elliott, which has test 37 markers, in 37 markers we are as distance of one off.
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….., this may show you from which group utilized the Yseq for their sampling, from the Border Reiver FTDNA group. FTDNA shows how far downstream these individuals were tested. Because they were suggest by tester to utilize Yseq, showing it would cost less, the results are not recorded as their FTDNA values. This would show a result of, would also be S16361 or downstream, A6719, A6722, or A6724, and for individuals such as Robert P. Elliott, and anyone overseeing FTDNA projects such as R-U106 to keep the data line out of publication. As a branch point and since I paid for the DATA, Robert P. Elliott or anyone associated to the Scotland, and, R-U106 FTDA groups as administrators or co-administrators, are not approved by me to use my data-base of over 2,000 individuals, (it should be noted other people, not the LDS, have placed dad’s recent information online. For computer security, do not give genealogical information.)or my FTDNA results, in any of their published studies until I am reinstated into the Scotland FTDNA group, and the above individuals are listed with their downstream results via Fseq testing of at least S16361, and noted that they have an equivalent for SNP testing as the Big-Y. Particularly I myself, as a family history genealogist, not a lab tester like the those administrators of R-U106 FTDNA which are acting like they are testing mice, for publication, which want the SNP information to be their own, not of those of the Daniel Testimony Group which purchase it. This is a strong indicator, that they want a monopoly of the information over other “so called” academics. It is enough to be refugees of a witch trail then to go through this corporate pseudo genealogical test from so called academics, and pay for the information because of we are family oriented. For those academics to get the full results of the data, because, we of the Daniel group were doing the study for family, by paying for the study, and not being told the results would not show up on FTDNA.
Note; Only one individual is listed with R-S16361. Who do you suppose that is?
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Lineage-sheet-by-James-Donald-Elliott In 2010 both James Donald Elliott, and dad, Loren Spencer Elliott (4th cousins), were proud to be an active part of the Elliott Clan Society. Dad, died about 2 years ago, and this is a link to his genealogical
material which I have embellished. genealogy-by-dad-Loren-S-Elliott 
The Armstrong, the father of the clan chief and it is felt that the Clan Eliott Chief also, recognizes the Elwald-Ellot line of today’s Elliott, which I am apart of. Migrating with Armstrong, from Germany as Anglo-Dane, into Northumbria, then became apart of the Scottish borderlands, when a border was placed between, Scotland and England. Family was adopted by an ie Clement Crozier, living on Gladstanis lease land, previous to purchase by my family, of Horsleyhill. He became known as Clementis Hobs, and moved to Gorranberry, with and Archie “Keen” Elliott. Rejected as Armstrong similar to what happen to the Jews, during WWII, banish from both kingdoms, as many Elliott were to make way for a Middle Shires, moved on to Ulster, Fermanagh, where Neil Armstrong’s family is from, then on to Sutton, MA, USA living near a Martin Armstrong.Do things by measurement, and recognition. Since online; has this link; inseated of; which censors freedom of speech, and does not recognize Clan Crozier, like the Armstrong, my membership, unlike dad’s Loren Spencer Elliott is not in the Elliot Clan Society, but in the Armstrong Clan Society. Though I have the surname Elliott, it does not make me an Elliott, when Clan Crozier, and the Elwald-Ellot, line is not accepted by Clan Elliott, but Clan Armstrong. Do you know what it makes me an Armstrong, and I am proud of. To the Clan Elliot Society, it makes me a “Cowie of Gorrenberry”, something in the past they said that died, but were at the time living in Ulster. The Gorrenberry Elwald-Ellot line and Clan Crozier, as far as the Armstrong the Unvanquished are concerned are vanquished to Clan Elliot Society, excepting for the chief, which branches into the line. Best, I can figure it she is my seventeenth cousin, twice removed.

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Elwood, Ellwood, of Elwald, Elwold, Elwould

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