Ellwood of Elwold/Elwald Distribution-Migration

Currently in the United Kingdom Elliott to Ellwood is about 18 to 1.

Ellwood Elwood Elliot Elliott


Within a Y-DNA grouping referred to as the Daniel Group (my Y-DNA is the Elliott which is boxed), the number of Elliott to Ellwood is 12 to 1. Giving Ellwood a greater but not mathematically significant influence. This shows though a Y-DNA correlation between my Y-DNA grouping referred to as the Daniel Group, to the Ellwood Y-DNA of Cumbria, United Kingdom.

Ellwood England Cumbria, Elliott Scotland Ulster


It is felt that Ellwood, of Cumbria is evolve from Elwald-Elwold-Elwoud-Ellwood, where Ellwood retain meaning and means ell woods or a measured forest lot, like ell lot in Scotland meant.

Taking a lot at 1891 distribution for Scotland and England we find;

Ellwood dist 1891 Scotland

Ellwood dist 1891 England


One can see that the Ellwood mainly of England in 1891, and of the Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria region.


Ellwood distribution map


Though not by percent the above shows strong Lancashire-Yorkshire Ellwood placement.

Ellwood name map


Ellwood coat of arms Yorkshire



Stag head on sceat/coin of St/King Elfwald minted in York like sheild of Ellwood from Yorkshire;




Ellwood-dist-1891-England Croyland

Density of Ellwood near Croyland, Lincoln County, is felt to migrate towards border, where on Scottish side name Elwald evolved to Ellot.


Ellwood crest has similarities to the Kerr/Wm of Horesleyhill crests (inserted 3/28/2014).

Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker


The above shows distribution by percent for the Ellwood. It is felt Elwold is low German, and Elwald is German meaning of the wood(s).  The Dutch-German distribution would help to verify this concept.

Ellwood dist blue with migration and variants

The migration of the Elwald-Elwold-Elwould to Ellwood, is similar to the Elwald migration accept they basically are not found in Scotland, and have a high probability of being from Cumbria.

York maps with Wold and Would;

Map of The Yorkshire Coastland The Dales and Northumberland 1928

blaeu 1650 Yorkes Would


In Blaeu 1650  map instead of Wold it is Would, found in Elwold, and Elwould common to Cumbria as seen in;



Elwold, Elwould Ellwood  Cumbria Cumberland (2)


North of the Scottish Border the name was Elwald. The Y-DNA was cut-off  by the Scottish Border, and others of different Y-DNA adopted the surname Elwald, and this is why it can be said that this is the origins of the Elwald-Ellot-Elliot Clan.

Mark Elliott          6/23/2013

Migration from Saxony given Y-DNA;

DNA distance steps (1)



above provided by RP Elliott


Likely region of migration of most likely Germany above;

Location of Johannes Rucker could be indicative of a Saxony origin.

Germany 1 step at 25 match


Note; Elch/Elg (moose) gets along with the Ber/Bär (bear) but not the wolf.

Berwald Elchwald Elwald Armstrong




The Berwald (bear of the forest), and the Elchwald (moose of the forest) seem to come from a near locality in Saxony.



Fairy Bear migration


It is felt that these people are Angle;





Elwald of Schinktlef




It was said some of the Liddesdale Elwald are Borne-Heede (borne near Heede).



Mark Elliott                              11/10/2013


Want to dedicate the term  Y-DNA Fingerprint, to James V. Elliott as given above was the first to identify the locality.  MSE   12/04/2013



Want to thank Robert P. Elliott call my brother german because we share the same Y-DNA, and referred to as the Daniel Group of Elliott.


Rutherford, Scot, Ker, Armstrong, Burns DNA distance

Given the Traitors/Thieves of Leven, we find the Armstong, Scot, Ker, Rutherford, and Burnes. The Dixon (of Nixon), were known to be of region.

Mark Elliott              12/3/2013

Identifiable Y-DNA localties


Gives two localities in the United Kingdom, in which my Y-DNA can be located.

1. de (of) Y-DNA is given by 12-marker exact matches on the Y-DNA, to other surnames, and using the mapping localities of these surnames, gave a distribution one would only hit if lightning (leven) struck.

Using geographic surname correlation extra

2. Y-DNA fingerprint is based on a grouping first identified by James V. Elliott, maintain the Y-DNA for Clan Elliot, and by information provided by Robert P. Elliott ( “brother german”; one who shares my Y-DNA).  Plus the locations of the Dixon (Nixon), Armstrong, Scott, Kerr, Rutherford, and Elwald/Ellot being of the given  Y-DNA fingerprint at a given time ca fifteenth century.

It should be noted; that after the Y-DNA progress to Northern Northumbria, and place a Y-DNA fingerprint it was cut off from its origins of the de (of) Y-DNA by placement of the Scottish-English, border making the Y-DNA of the new (in 1320) nation of Scotland over time more prevalent. This gives reason to the results James V. Elliott found on the origins in the Y-DNA fingerprint region, and for the most part this is felt where the greater body of Ellot/Elliot Y-DNA originated. Where the Daniel Group (my Y-DNA) verily squeaked across before border placement (the raising of the draw bridge) bringing the Elwald surname, and forenames of John, William, and Robert with them.

Mark Elliott                       12/04/2013

Additional mapping;


Given likely region of the name Elchwald/Elgwald/Elfwald/Elwald(e) originated.

Scandinavian name mapping Elwald


Shows Scandinavian name localities, which support the migration of my Y-DNA.

Mark Elliott           12/6/2013

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