Elwald to Ellot

Reasons for Elwald to become Ellot in Scotland.

1. Pronunciation being the same in Scotland.

Arthur Eliott  i  insertion

A one can see the Eliott of Stobs; Arthur, and mother, say that Elwald is pronounced as Ellot.

Elwald pronounce Ellot

Above gives reason why Elwald is pronounced as Ellot.

2. In the Ettrick Forest or a forested region, because ellot means a lot measured with the lengths of sides in a meets and bounds (line of sight) surveyors system to be measure in Scottish ells previous to the Union of the Crowns (after the Union the standard was an imperial yard, and Ellot/ellot lost its meaning then became Elliot). In a forested region an ellot would be in reference to forested land, in a farm region ellot would be in reference to farmland like the Ellot Burn, on a 1580 (previous to The Union) map in Angus would be a stream going through farmland.

Scottish Ell land measurement of areadefinition of lot as a portion of land

Elwald, meant a forest lot measured in ell. Where wald is Scandinavian/German for forest, and wold for wood(s).

old high German wald, old Saxon wald


So, Ellot/ellot in a forested region means the same as Elwald/elwald.


3. Elwald had also the meaning of St Elwald; It is felt that the Redheugh family after the Reformation, was something other than Catholic, or Church of England which had saints, and wanted to drop saintly names such as Ninian, or Elwald.  The name Ellot as oppose to Elwald was not a saintly name, and therefore the name Ellot was taken.

St Ælfwald (Elwald), King of Northumbria


Mark Elliott                           12/25/2013

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