Elwald Naming

Given that Elwald is Anglo-Dannish then it is felt that the family follows a Danish, naming convention;

Dannish naming conventions

It is felt that the name Elwald is not occupational, but more likely a patronym, but it is one that does not end in sen/son, like many Danish ones do, but Elwald is likely a surname developed from a personal name of being the son of an Elwald.


John Elwald son of Elwald of South Creake

Ulf elf DSL

Alfe Aile elf


One can see John Elwald is likely a cantankerous child; an elf.

The names Alwalis, Elwald, Eluald, Alvald, are variants of Ælwald, in which where Elwald will be used in the analogy.

John is the son of Elwald of South Creake, and John takes on his dad’s name Elwald in the manner of a patronym, the name then becomes John Elwald.

The major Redheugh Elwald forenames are; Robert, William and John.

The Elwald surname besides coming for a patronym could could also have come from a toponym.

Given that the names of medieval communities of Elwaldside, Elwaldside, and Elwaldlaw in Northern Northumbria, the region which became the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and south of it. The was a  suburb of Edinburgh, named Elwaldside meaning; wooded lots in a suburb (on the side of) Edinburgh.

emergence area of Elwald map of Elwaldlaw

In the late fifteenth century there is found a Nicholas Elwald, of Elwaldside a suburb of Edinburgh.

Nicholas Elwald 1408 deceased

Nicholas Elwald

In southern Northumbria, East Riding Yorkshire, the name of Elwald would be a patronym, and names oriented towards names such as Robert, William, and John, which are forenames of the Redheugh Elwald surname.

In northern Northumbria, Elwaldside, a suburb of Edinburgh the name of Elwald pared with Nicholas to become Nicholas Elwald, could have been a tyoponym and emerged from the name of the suburb Elwaldside.

Mark Elliott      5/15/2013

Robert P. Elliott consider him my brother german, because of the Y-DNA, and a lot of the work he has done on it for the Daniel Group;

He emailed me this;

Fairy Bear R P Elliott

Also he has done this for the Daniel Group;

DNA distance steps by RP

He seemed to read it Frisia, and I read it Germany. Being a mathematician of sorts, I went for the lower number. Try to explain that good genealogy takes a lot of correlation.

Language and stories, such as the Fair Bear along with Y-DNA are some of the better ways to trace migration, because history written so long ago looses its accuracy.

Jame L. Armstrong MD of The Armstrong Chronicles presents stories and names for the family.

Armstrong Chronicles (1)a elk wood


In the above when he refers to elk; to the Americans he means moose.

Also, when he uses the word wood; to the Americans he means woods.

Our family name in Northumbria seem to start as Elfwald meaning elf and wald (forest).

But before coming to Northumbria it was felt to be Elgwald meaning  elg (elk, moose), of the wald (forest).

df elk

df elf

Looking above on can see how easily that would have been done.

For naming of the Elg/Alg form we find;

Algwald Elfwald the King

Algwald the king is the same given the date, as Elfwald the king.


Part translation of above.

Elgwalt Elgwald

Albert Elgwald

And one as German names can find the names King Elgwalt and Elgwald.

One can also find a Elwaldus de Schinktlef, where Elwaldus is the Latin form of Elwald, but showing he is of Schinktlef.

Elwaldus de Schinktlef

He settled near Bakelaw (Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberlan).

But he was of Northern Germany-Denmark;

Angles from Schleswig


Ellottes of Liddesdale  ca 1580 (1)

Borneheedes, sometimes Borne-heedes, which taken literately saying that the family is born of Heede. 

born of Heede

This is to say that the family is know from their cultural perspective, as being born of Heede Danish/Germany, indicating their origins. Sometimes they might in the United States refer to people of their origins after many generations, like Japanese-American, Anglo-American, and so on.

Bear of the Forest Wald map Y-DNA

This would be a likely area where Elgwald (elk/moose) of the forest is from, since bear of the forest or Fairy Bear are said to be from the same region.

Given my Y-DNA; it indicates that I am from this given region.

Poland-Germany wald Y-DNA

Which seems to have a leaning towards Poland.

Localities in which -walde is being used as a suffix, and high Y-DNA location indicator.

likely location for the Elwald Elgwald Elfwald

Distribution of the Wald name in Germany;

Wald German distribution mid German map

Gives a language between low German (wold-would-wood), and high German (wald-forest).

Given the locations of the elg/elk (moose), and forest have a tendency to lean toward Poland, and Saxony for the Y-DNA locality.

df alg moose elk

forest density map


Mark Elliott   9/20/2013

elg-elk-moose Kerr

The elg/elk (moose) are said to be making a come back in Germany. See how the elg/elk head compares to the one on top of the Kerr crest.

Mark Elliott                                                                                         9/28/2013


Comments on naming;

For Kerr;

On their arms as shown above the stag looks like an elk (moose), more than any other arms found.

Given the name Kerr, is felt to be Scandinavian for marsh, and elk (moose), like marsh land.

Kerr name history and variants


Swimhope where early Kerr/Carr are said to be seems to be near marshland.


Swinhope, marshy map


The Kerr being known for marsh, may be known for elk (moose).



It is felt that the name Elch, given time, and the similarity between the “l”, and the “I”, it may have become Eich.

So looking for Eichwald instead of Elchwald found is;

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 31 17.20



Kassel location


ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 31 19.12


Which, makes it look like that the Berwald; bear of the forest, were near the same localities as the Elchwald; elk (moose) of the forest.

Name evolution;


For wold (Elwold) it seems to be low German for  British English wood to others woods. It is shown by distribution of name Ellwood, this seems to give a distribution of low German.

For wald (Elwald) it seems to be high German for forest (treed region large than a wood). It is shown by distribution of name Elliot, more of a high German distribution.

The Ellwood are found from East Yorkshire to Cumbria, in England, and the Elliot are found in north Northumbria, Scottish Borders.

The name Elch-Elg-Elkwald (moose), when it came to East Riding Yorkshire, Southeast Northumbria there may not have been many British elk (moose), so name change for a sort to elfwald. Where an elf may be considered somewhat like an elk (moose).

The the name became elwald, where ell is a standardized measurement of various length, in the various christian nations of the day. The meaning would be of a surveyed (owner/not common) forest, but also a name of a christian St Elwald, said to be in Hexam, Abbey.

The Redheugh name change to Ellot (metes-and-bound surveyed lot using the Edinburgh, standard ell), at the time of the Reformation when the family dropped saints, in their religion.  The name changed from Ellot to Elliot with “i” insertion, where the name Ellot became the English name Elliot at the time of the English Civil War.  The Scots had dropped the Scottish ell, and started using the English Imperial yard.

Mark Elliott                          10/31/2013








May G. Williamson The Non-Celtic Place-Names of the Scottish Border Counties

Unpublished PhD thesis , University of Edinburgh, 1942

May G. Williamson place names


A thesis submitted to the UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, May 1947, for the degree of Ph.D. by NORMAN DIXON, M.A. (Edin. 1933)

Norman Dixon placenames of MidLothian

Mark Elliott                                                              10/13/2013

Heede; (could be more than one localities, but in or near Hamburg, Germany)


Elwald de Orde (1)

Placement of Orde so far week, and has strong influence from the Netherlands.

Elwald de Orde (2)

Elwald de Orde (3)

Elwaldus de Orde Tweedmouth

Elwaldus ed Orde

It should be noted that the personal name Elwaldus (Elwald), was used in this region.

Elwaldus de Warton, Northumberland

Elwaldside boscus


Given the names of Elwaldus of Northumberland, and Elwaldsyde/Elwaldside in Northumberland, it can be said that Elwald is an early name of Northumberland.

Mark Elliott                     12/6/2013

Listing of names in Hermitage Hill region;







Lawis Shawis Hermitage

Foresta Ermytag Hermitage

Mark Elliott   2//13/2014