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Elwald,  Saintly;


 tome of king Elfwald Elwald hexam prioryThe Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the murder of King  Ælfwald by Sicga at Scythlecester (which may be modern Chesters) on 23 September 788.  “This year Elwald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain by Siga, on the eleventh day before the calends of October; and a heavenly light was often seen on the spot where he was slain.  He was buried in the church (abbey) of Hexham”.

Alfwald Elwald variations


Anglo-Saxon name of Northumbrian origins.





Alanus Elfwold     1248 cropIn the name Alanus Elfwold one can see that Elfwold is a form of Ælfwald

ae definedThe Æ is used still this day by Scandinavian Countries.

Robert Elwald son of Alan

This would be ca 1305, and the name Robert Elwald would be a likely name for the first chief of the line of Redheugh


Which like Ellot of Ettrick Forest, and Liddesdale, Elwald has the meaning of the forest.

El means to measure, an at one time was the unit of measurement for land in Scotland.

Scottish Ell land measurement of area

All the  el means is measured land. Once land is measure it can be owned.  An ellot meant a measured lot, in Angus it meant farmland, and in Ettrick Forest and Liddesdale it meant forest stead, a piece of property by ownership like Howpaslot own by the Walter Scot line in Ettrick Forrest, a forest stead by ownership this Scot line could hunt stags on.

A lot is land with as surveyed perimeter. A plot of land which can therefore can be sold.

El lot


Small correction;

Feel the the name el lot comes from the length of the sides not the area.

Ellot survey

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Though the above is an updated explanation; it is felt that measurement was done horizontally with a compass and a fall or six ell. It is therefore land is measured with ell, and angles, therefore the result is the same but based on length measurement in ell, not area in ell, but giving the same end result.

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The word wald (wold Low German) is of German-Nordic (Danish), origin for forest/wood (American English; woods).  The name Elwald besides becoming  Ellot also became Ellwood. In English the word wood means in American English woods, or small forest.


Symbolized by the head of a stag an animal of the forest.

Armstrong Chronicles (1)a elk wood

In The Choronicles of the Armstrongs by James L. Armstrong; we find variations of the name Elwald. It should be noted that the word elk

Armstrong Chronicles (6)a

represents more likely stag (correction; now is is felt it means a UK elk/US moose, indigenous to Europe, and not of the UK, but deer stags were known in the UK so the image was changed to a deer stag on entering the UK) , and the word wood also for woods (both the low wold as in Elwold (wood(s)), and the high German wald as in Elwald (forest), were used an the Elwold are for south of the Scottish border (Cumbria), and the Elwald north of the Scottish border (Liddesdale).  The Armstrong in their story of origin have the origins of the Armstrong and  Elwald as being Anglo-Danish and of Northumbria.

Armstrong Chronicles (8)a


stag Denmark symbol of Danish forests

The stag is characteristic of the Danish forests.
Elwald sceat coin York mint stag head

The  stag head is used on the coin/sceat of Ælfwald, which was minted in York about 800 AD.




The only serious contention remaining, which is favoured by some modern historians, ascribes the surname to the fairly common old Nothumbrian christian name of Elwold or Elwald. While convenient in its simplicity, evidence of the Clan’s connection is lacking  and, with only two references to Elwald as a surname prior to 1400-in 1230 and 1357 (in Northumberland)- we have no way of testing the validity of this theory.

The Elliots; The Story of a Border Clan, by Arthur Eliott, 1986

Elwald-pre-1400-Redheugh-names-map 1

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Elwald origins (1)

Elwald origins (2)

Elwald origins (3)


Elwald origins (4)


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Elwald names as spelled for coin;

It should be noted this, or English to German pronunciation gives and interchangeability or the w and v in the spellings.

Elfwald Coin name (1)

Elfwald Coin name (2)


Name used by bishop in later years;

bishopric Elfwald 1045-1058

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Elwald to Ellot

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