Elwood and Ellwood


Felt needed to give something of  Elwood and Ellwood;

The name Ellwood in Cumbria England is felt to the come from Elwold, or variants of. It is felt that wold is low German for the high German of wald.

In high German wald stand for forest, in low German wold stands for small forest or wood(s). The high Germans were of the forest, and the low Germans were of the wood(s).

It should be noted that James V. Elliott did an excellent analyse on the Cumbria England//Cumberland Scotland region when he was overseen the Elliot Clan Society Y-DNA;


Elwold, Elwould Ellwood  Cumbria Cumberland (2)

Map of The Yorkshire Coastland The Dales and Northumberland 1928

blaeu 1650 Yorkes Would

Would/wold could refer to moorland;

df wold

df wold1


It is felt that moorland, along the streams, may have had trees, and this was a part of the moorland. This area would not be referred to as forest, but as wooded regions.

old high German wald, old Saxon wald1

It is felt that people referred to Elwold could be lowland German.

Ellwood name map

It is felt that the Elwold/Elwould/Ellwood, of Cumbria England region are of Lowland German influence.

Given the following one can see there are very few Ellwood of Scotland as opposed to England. Most Ellwood are found in the region of Northumbria which became England.


Ellwood surname distribution Scotland 1891

Ellwood dist 1891 England

Ellwood dist blue with migration and variants




It is felt that the English and Scot variants of the same name are basically differentiate. Where Ellwood is the basically English, the name Elwood is felt to have Scottish origins.

Elwood UK distribution map

Elwood Martin

Elwood north border name

Martin Elwood of Liddesdale

It is felt it is the Scots which used the name Elwood, instead of Ellwood.

Elwood Crest


Elwood/Ellwood uses a stag.

When I drew out the crest for the Horseleyhill Elwald/Ellot using similarity to to the Kerr;

Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker

It should be noted that the above description did not give colors. So the William Elliot of Horseleyhill had the same shield as the Elwood.

It is felt that the William Ellot/Elwald of Horseleyhill is felt that William Ellot/Elwald is of Goranberry, which is next to Braidley where Martin Ellot/Elwood is of.

So the Gorrenberry/Braidley family riding of the same grain could have ridden under one crest.

Ellwood Elwood Elliot Elliott

It should be noted that in the UK there are proportionately more Ellwood than Elwood, and in the US there are proportionately more Elwood than Ellwood. It is felt that the Scottish Elwood migrated from Scotland to Ulster and onto America.

Mark S. Elliott   6/7/2014

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