Horseliehill seals crest arms



Gilbert of Horseliehill;




Horseliehill seals (1)


Looks like Redheugh arms;

Redheugh and Stobs shields crests


William of Horseliehill seal;

Wm Ellot Horsleyhill seal

Feel it lookes like three stag head’s so drew them that way.

Horseliehill seals (2)


Two stars or stags?

Archibald of Goranberry connected to Cavers, but shows a level of education, and felt is Archibald Ellot  (Kene; wise), felt to be younger brother to Gavin of Stobs, Gilbert’s stepfather, and half brother (brother german) to William of Horsliehill.

Archibald Ellot Goranbary James Douglas


Elwalde are of Cavers, pre-name to Ellot.


Elwalde Elwald Cavers (1)

Elwalde of Cavers which Elwald became Ellot.

William Douglas half brother (brother german) of Archibald Douglas;

William Douglas of Cavers McPatickhope, Braidley, and Schawes


These are lands of the Elwald/Ellot surrounding the Hermitage Castle.

These lands in Northumbria previous to Scotland belonged to John Wake, of Liddel, and Cottingham, East Riding Yorkshire.

Hermitage    Wake to Douglas John Joan


John Joan Wake Cottingham


It should be noted that the Irish Elliot/Ellot, crest is similar to Stobs;

Irish Ellot Elliot arms rf

A name analysis venn diagram shows that the family names are shared accept for Gib (Gilbert), and Dan (Andrew);

Horseleyhill venn line name sharing


Where the family of Stobs, share the names William, Robert, Archibald and Gavin, with the family of Ulster.


Mark Elliott                                12/14/2013

Crests,  sheids, arms;

German Ewald crest;

Ewald Crest


Elwald Redheugh crest;

Robert Elwald crest


The Elwald Redheugh in circled has a stag’s head. Does anyone see similarities between the German Ewald, and the Redheugh Elwald crests. It should be noted; that German/Anglo-Saxon “wald” stands for forest, and it is felt the tree represents the forest.


In the Ellwood of Elwold/Elwould//Ellwood, most likely migrated to Cumbria from the southeast, and wold meaning wood/woods of lowland Germany. Martin (Elwood/Ellot) was noted to use the name with a single “l”, and it is this name from the border which is felt to migrate on to Ulster.

Elwood Crest

Elwood, of Cumbria (most popular Ellwood), then of Martin to Ulster.

Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker


Kerr crest with stags;

Kerr shield with stag heads

Note any similarities between the Elwood, Kerr, and Wm of Horseleyhill crests?

The Kerr, Scott, and Elwald all seem to utilize the stag as part of their crest.


It show be noted that the 1691 census show that the above three have a Northumbria (England/Scotland) distribution pattern. For Elwald the name Elliot was used, and for Kerr a combo Kerr/Carr name was used to determine approximate distributions.


Elliot dist 1891 (1)

Names which my Y-DNA seemed to match, on the east coast centering near York; are Scarborough, N&S Cave, and Gresham.

Towns named Scarborough use stags;

Scarborough Stag Crest (1)

Scarborough Stag Crest (2)


And a part of the Gresham family, has been known to use the stag’s head.


Stag Gresham Crest (2)


Haven’t though found the Cave town or family utilizing the stag’s head, and feel Cave has French origins.

Mark Elliott  3/28/2014

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