Infinis Tidal?

Infinis, is the Company which is planning to put a wind farm on the Hill of the Elwald/Ellot (became Elliot via Wm de Aliot (France) by “i” insertion Union of Crowns).

Will of Lawis (of the hill, meaning Hermitage Hill), Clementis Hob was from there, and Martin Ellot minor to Robert Elwald/Ellot of Redheugh was there at  Braidley, in the shadow of a wind farm. Even the Cowie, left there, but he made a New Mexico friend called Smokie, who protects New Mexico from fires. Wish Cowie could protect the Hermitage from this wind farm, and may with Cowie’s help it will be so.

Infinis Tidal

Grandfather Daniel Elliot was working a tidal mill in Boston in 1682.

boston1643Map D Elliot deed

Boston 1722 D Daniel deed Map

Though they did have wind at the time. At high tide the mill pond would fill up, and at low tide the water was drained out of the mill pond to run the mill. This system also may have had a little help from rain fall. This technology of using tidal power is centuries old.



Infinis Wind

Infinis Hydro


Infinis Solar

It can be understood why the United Kingdom does not have solar. You, need sun for solar, and it not dependable in the United Kingdom.

Infinis Biogas

Information from;

New Mexico;

94,058 sq miles (243,610 km²)
United Kingdom, Area

121,697 sq miles (315,194 km²)
New Mexico, Area


The area, of The State of New Mexico, is greater than that of the United Kingdom, but like it’s state to the west Arizona, there is no Ocean Front Property in New Mexico, so we can not have tidal power. We have a lot of sun though, not much vegetation for biogas, but we have a lot of natural gas which puts off low levels of pollution.

If not uranium, then people have acquire their energy resource from the region near they live.

New Mexico from help from the United States Government and the Antiquities Act of 1906 protects its resources, from Wind Farms, which may sell themselves as environmentalists,  but under the guise of technology not engineered for the United Kingdom like tidal energy would be are actually destroying the environment, by placing wind farms next to the United Kingdoms, greatest resource, its ancestral archaeological antiquities.

Are protected from wind farms by the US President.

Are protected from wind farms by the US President.

The United States Government protects these ancestral archaelogical antiquites from wind farms for over a century.

The above are ancestral to a community of people , south of me 50km (30 miles) called Zuñi, which was attacked by Coronado (Corona, was shot in the foot with an arrow, but his steel bonnet protected him from rocks) ca 1550, and speak their own language called Zuñi.

The  Zuñi have their ancestral land protected from wind farms. The question is why isn’t my ancestral land protected from wind farms?

Conclusions on Tidal

Mark Elliott                                                       10/5/2013


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