Little, Liddell, of Liddell Water I-M253 Fairbairn Carruthers R-L193 Elliot

Little is a locality name from the Liddel Water, but with an incorrect spelling, to a more common word of Little, with similar pronunciation.

Glendinning, is also a locality name, a stream in a board valley which sustains farming.

Liddel Water, UK;,-3.0833848,10z/




James V. Elliott of Reiver DNA; Showing R-L193 with the Glendinning, and Ellot.

Liddel Water Armystrand to Armstrong

Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot

Bearing the Cross of Milnholm

Border Reivers; Armstrong, Elliott, Nixon, Crozier of Middle March 1587

Armstrong Fairbairn I-M253 Y-DNA



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