Martin of Braidley Migration

Martin 1


It should be known that Goranberry, Larriston and Thorlishope, are old Elwald location, and Braidley, Prickenhaugh, and Heughhouse, are younger sisters to the above list Elwald locations, and are location of Martin Ellot first of Braidley then Prickenhaugh and for the family onto Heughhouse, giving a eastward migration pattern for the Martin Ellot family.

Martin 2

Martin 3

Those who were of the service of Martin Ellot of Braidley were; Gavin (a clerk), Hob (Robert), Arche (Archibald), brothers. John of Copschaw (highly linked to the Mangerton Armstrongs), William of Steel (small stream between Hermitage, and Liddel Waters), John of Thorlishope (Thorsleehope would/could mean where the Norse Thor would be on the leeward side of a valley).

 Martin 4

Martin Elliot (Ellot) of Braidley had sons, may more of Sym (Simon), Arche (Archibald), and Hob (Robert).

Martin 5

The above adds a son Gawin (Gavin). What should be noted is Simon is an Armstrong name, and no Martin is mentioned.

 Martin 6

The above adds names William, and John, giving Martin Ellot having sons named Simon (Sym), Robert (Hob), William (Will), Gawin, Archibald (Archie), and John.

 Martin 7

It should be noted Robert has son Rob has son Robin has son Young Robin. It should be noted that Robin refused to swear, and Daniel of Tullykelter, and Robert of Armagh did not swear for loyalty oaths for positions in estates, a characteristic of the Ellot.

Martin 8

Gib (likely Gawin), Arche (Archibald), and John Ellot sons of Martin Ellot now of Prickinghaugh.

 Martin 9

Martin’s Gib (Gawin), and Hob (Robert), are of Thorlishope, and Martin’s Arche (Archibald), and Will (William) are of Heughhouse.

Martin 10

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