Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot

My Y-DNA SNP; Kit#101829 M269>U106>S12025>FGC12040>S16361>A6719

Of; Daniel Elliot Cluster is being found  for those in the cluster as S12025  (received from RP Elliott).


In accordance to the previous Clan Elliot chief, Arthur Eliott there are two origins; St German (English Wm de Aliot, Norman Breton/Briton Aliot Eliot Elliot), and Elwald/Elwold (Scottish Scandinavian Elwald Ellot Elliot) orgins.



Though names origins of Eliot and Ellot to become Elliot, are mixed the following three graphics show basic concentration locations;


Elliot Wm and Elwald surname distribution.

Scottish and English Elliot

R-U106 haplogroup name migration and evolution.

Note for consistency in following the concept, the first two pre-letters are el, and  –wald (forest/wood), is used for the suffix.

Personal names; Elchwald and Elgwald ca 900 (elk/moose of forest), surnames; Elfwald ca 1200 (elf of wood), Elwald ca 1300 (of wood; a lot measured by metes and bounds/ell and angles, making it a measurable forest), Ellot ca 1550 (a lot; lengths of side measured in Edinburgh, Scottish el/ell/eln, and angles measure with compass bearings), Elliot ca 1650 (of Ellot but an “i” is inserted giving merger to the Elliot derived from the Norman Eliot of Wm de Aliot).


In Robert Elwald clan Elliot Chief #1

Shows the migration of Robert Elwald from Northfolk to Rimington, Lancaster of father name Alan 1290-1305.

Northfolk-Anglia-Elfwald-Elwald-Alan-Robertgoogle maps

Also a map of a number of variations of Elfwald in East Anglia, Norfolk and Sudfolk;

Norfolk-Suffolkgoogle maps

Armstrong Fairbairn Elliot  Y-DNA link

Armstrong Fairbairn I-M253 Y-DNA

Felt that many border names migrated towards the north, including Fairbairn, Elwald, Bell, Graham (village of felt/cloth likely wool, now Grantham) and others which some evolve border names of Armstrong, and Elliot.

As Scandinavians in a dominate Norman environment, these would travel as stories such as The Fairy Bear stories;


Croyland (land of huts)/Crowland seem to be near from where a lot of these pre-surname Germanic Scandinavians began their trek to the borderlands to join among others Scandinavians, such as the Danes, joining the Norsemen in the Cumbria/Cumberland region, and introducing their surnames to the borderlands.

Aldano filio Alfwald Alan son of Elfwald


The origins R-U106 haplogroup is Proto-Germanic;

U106-proto-germanic (1)

With map;

pre-Migration-Period Germanic tribes


Image by Kenneth S. Doig PRE-PROTO-GERMANIC

Low German including Low Saxon dialects;

Low German Low Saxon Dialects

Showing the Ewald (German Elwald) surname distribution is that of Proto-Germanic;


As one can she the German Ewald and the Northumbria Scottish Liddesdale Elwald have similar coat of arms, with the Northumbria Elwald utilizing a stag’s head.

Ewald-Elwald-U106-surname-distributions-1 (1)

Lindemann, means person of the linde tree;


Lindemann surname distribution

Map showing Germanic Y-DNA distribution by Eupedia;


Where -wald in Lindenwald (linde forest) and Elchwald (elk/moose forest), there is a Lindenwald in surname distribution region;


Mark Elliott    5/5/2015


Pre-Surname localities using 12 marker exact matches;


Y-DNA has 12 marker exact matches;

(number is the number of people with the given surname which match the first twelve markers)

Scarborough 8

Cave 22

Gresham 18

Scarborough and Gresham surname distribution maps from 1881 census and of

Scarborough surname distributionGresham surname distribution

Scarborough and Gresham seem to migrate to a Scandinavian region between the two areas.

ScreenHunter_197 May. 06 14.06

One can see that the Scarborough and Gresham are from Scandinavian regions and migrated by 1881, to a more dominate Scandinavian area.

Mark S. Elliott  5/6/2015

Other proto-Germanic border families which have U106 are;

Bell, Johnston, and Scott.


MSE    5/9/2015

Now have officially been tested positive for R-U106;

tested positive R-U106

MSE  5/29/2015

The Above Supports;

The Elliot who took on Bothwell
Published Date: 13:13 Monday 06 July 2009 The Southern Reporter
By Walter Elliot

My own theory is that we have been here in the
Northumbrian/ Borders region since Anglo-Saxon settlers
came across from northern Germany in the 5th to 8th
centuries. I base this on the fact that most of the 36 early
ways of spelling the name are Anglo-Saxon — Aelwold,
Ellwald, Elaund, Elwaird etc. The name continued written as
‘Elwalde’ with its variations into the 1500s when it became
Elyot, Eliot and Ellote. There are no recognisable Gaelic
spellings and only one Dalliot. I rest my case, but everybody
will continue to believe as they wish anyway.

The Germani: Germanic Peoples Origins and History



Linguists calculate that Proto-Germanic was spoken around 500 BC.16Donald A. Ringe, A Linguistic History of English: From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic (2006), p.67. A language develops within a communicating group. In the days before modern transport and the nation state, a communicating group could not cover a vast territory. The area in which Proto-Germanic evolved was far smaller than the spread of its daughter languages today. We would expect a linguistic boundary to also be a cultural boundary. So the finger points at the Nordic Bronze Age (1730-500 BC) as the cradle of Proto-Germanic. It was a comfortable cradle for many a year. The Nordic Bronze Age began in a welcoming warmth. An earlier climate shift made Southern Scandinavia as warm as present-day central Germany.

MSE 6/1/2015

Report A1 Clade R-L193

James V. Elliott of Border Reiver DNA has been involved in this excellent report;

Elliott surname origins from report;

A1 Clade Elliot surname origins

Elwald Ellwood Ellot Elliot migration

Ellwood-surname-distribution-map (1) Ellwood-surname-distribution-UK-and-Europe-migration


Aldano filio Alfwald Alan son of Elfwald

Elwold-Elwould-Ellwood-Cumbria-Cumberland-1 Elwold-Elwould-Ellwood-Cumbria-Cumberland-2Ellwood Elliot Y-DNA


Ellwood coat of arms Yorkshire

Pictured as described;


Brings question for surname Ellwood which is a form of Elwald/Elwold/Elwould.

A1 Clade Report

MSE 8/5/2015

It is said in America, among Native Indigenous Nations one can not use Y-DNA to find which Indigenous Nation an individual is from, because of the mixing.

There is an American Plains Culture once dependent on the American buffalo, and today eats beef, and sheep.


Could people along the North European Plain be dependent on a large animal for food?

North European Plain Map


Could they have been dependent of the European elk (moose)?

European Elk (moose) range

Killing the American buffalo, and the European elk, is much like Border Reivers going after cows.

Mark Elliott    6/27/2015

Norwegian Walde U106;

German to English wald;

German Wald to English Forest

Frost/Forest also names associated to Elwald in the Scottish Borders.

German region of -wald suffix;


Norwegian Walde U106;

Walde U106

Map locality of Mandal, Agder, Norway;

location of Walde Norway map

MSE 7/21/2015

Dad, asked Germany? Son, said yes. 8-25-2013;

Dad, asked Germany, Son, said yes. 8-25-2013

13th Century;

1. Alan Elfwald of Norfolk, E Anglia ca 1250 (near Gresham)
2. Robert Elwald of Norfolk/Rimington, Lancashire.
3. Robert 2
4. Robert 3
5. Robert 4
6. Robert 5
7. Robert 6
8. Robert 7
9. Robert 8
10. Robert 9
11. William Elwald of Gorrenberry
12. Robert Elwald (Archeis Hob) of Gorrenberry (adopted by uncle Archibald)
13. Andrew (Dand the Cowie) Elwald of Horsleyhill
14. Robert Elwald of Stobs/Gorrenberry (Clementis Hobs)
15. Dan-Daniel Ellot/Elliot/Elliott of Scotland/Tullykelter Fermanagh
16. Robert Ellot Tullykelter
17. Daniel Ellot/Elliot of Ulster/Massachusetts
18. Daniel Elliot Salem Trials
19. Johnathan Sr
20. Johnathan Jr
21. John
22. Comfort
23. Sherburn Amando
24. Amando Wilcox
25. Mark
26. Loren Spencer
27. Mark S. Elliott

21st Century

Mark Elliott   the 27th generation (2015-1250)/26 is about 30 years per generation.

Mark S. Elliott    7/25/2015

Are the WELSH the truest Brits? English genomes share German and French DNA – while Romans and Vikings left no trace;

MSE 7/22/2015

Anderson, Andersson R-U106-S12025

Daniel Elliot Cluster is being found  for those in the cluster as S12025  (received from RP Elliott).


Anderson Andersson Sweden US U106

There are two Anderson/Andersson, listed among the S12025 Daniel Elliot cluster.

Daniel name is felt to have been derived from Andrew where Dan is an alias for Andrew on the Scottish Borders, and borderers, were felt to be Catholic when arriving in the county of Fermanagh.

Then the county of Fermanagh became Anglican/Episcopalian. With Daniel of Tullykelter, of Anglican Archbishop Malcolm Hamilton land, it is felt that the border Scot,  Dan Ellot became the Ulster Irish which a Dublin spelling Daniel Elliot.

The name Andrew appears as a witness of Andrew Elwald, when Robert receives lands of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth and others.

It is felt the the name came from a John Elwald, rector Saint Andrews University in 1418, and became rector of Kirkandrews (church of St Andrews) of the Diocese of Whitethorne in 1423.  So Andrew was an important name to the family line since these times.

St. Andrew, was a disciple of the great St. John the Baptist, and the patron saint of Russia, and Scotland where the cross made by diagonals on the Scottish flag is referred to as Saint Andrew’s Cross.

The names of other forms in the Scandinavian nations of  Anderson; son of Andrew and Johnson; the son of John, follow the Scandinavian patronymic; surnames after the fathers as opposed to Norman surnames after the estate/barony, form of naming.


Johansson Johnson Andersson Anderson Swedish surnames


Johansen Johnson Andersen Anderson Norwegian surnames


Andersen Anderson Johansen Johnson Danish surnames

One can see the importance of Anderson as a surname in the Scandinavian nations especially Sweden.

Andersson of Sweden surname distribution;

stats for Andersson

One can see the top cities are not in Sweden, but Denmark, Norway, and Hamburg Germany.

Andersson surname distribution

Anderson of UK surname distribution;

Stats for Anderson

One can see the top cities are not in Sweden, but Scotland, northern England, and Ireland, but not southern England.

Anderson surname distribution

It is felt the Anderson name is Scandinavian, then border Scots, on to Northern/Ulster Ireland, then onward.

Mark S. Elliott     7/30/2015

Censored From Wikipedia;

Though given my writings, the activity was high, been excluded with writings deleted from writing on Wikipedia.  Even though I am an Elliott and a second generation research genealogist, utilizing Y-DNA verification, and chromosomal reasoning of a marsh dwelling elk (moose) returning to ancient homelands near Berlin, people rather believe the elk (moose) then me. Guess I must be half as smart, but twice as bull headed as that elk (moose).

Clan Crozier  has been censored and deleted from Wikipedia though it had a lot of activity.

Wiki Clan Crozier stats

Information contained in;

Clan Crozier

As compared to the Wikipedia site which had activity;

Clan Eliott stats1

The peaks and most of the activity was caused by censored information to the Clan Eliott site of;

Clan Elliot

Composed by Mark S. Elliott, but like Wikipedia article Clan Crozier, the Clan Elliot information was also censored from the Clan Eliott site.

Also in;

Armstrong Fairbairn link

Mark S. Elliott   1/7/2016

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