Robert Elliot of Strawberry Bank

Elliot, a border Scots name

Elliot, a border Scots name

Robert Elliot was a tenant (lessee) of Rev Robert Jordan, near Scarborough, Maine

Jordan Scarborough map


R. Elliot 1680 Scarboro map

Rev Robert Jordan,  R Elliot a tenant at Nonesuch, ME


Baptismal Font Used by Rev Robert Jordon of Cape Elizabeth before 1676

baptismal font of Episcopalian Rev Robt Jordan

Can see the Jordan and Elliot of Robert are of Falmouth, Maine.

Rev Robert Jordan and Robert Elliot (1)

Also Robert Jordan of land of Robert Elliot when he moved to the Great Island.

Rev Robert Jordan and Robert Elliot (2)


Have concluded that Robert Elliot like the Ellot of Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster is an Episcopalian/Anglican.

Earlier in his life Robert Elliot of Great Island, which is of Portsmouth, previously referred to as Strawberry Bank on the arrival of Robt Ellot, of Tullykelter, Ulster, Scot, and Episcopalian (Church of-Anglican), Royalist, who lost in battle and was indentured to likely a Richard Cutt, brother to John Cutt first president of New Hampshire, both of Strawberry Bank, living in a region on the north, Strawberry Bank at Boiling Rock, and rock in the river given a special height in the river would make the rock look as though it was boiling.

Robert Eliot Boiling Rock carpenter 1660, Great Island carpenter 1670


Robert Elliot Strawberry Bank John Cutt 1662


Champernowne Greenland Boiling Rock Point

Ulster-Scots were indentured to Puritans, and Robert was an Episcopalian of  Rev Robert Jordan a ardent Royalist . This can be seen when Robert became an early tenant of Rev Robert Jordan, in the Scarborough.

Rev Robert Jordan,  R Elliot a tenant at Nonesuch, ME



Squamscott Patent Boiling Rock Cutt, and Joshua Moody

Rev Joshua Moody, Puritan and John and Richard of the same church;

First Church Portsmouth, Rev Joshua Moody, John, and Richard Cutt

Joshua Moody living in Boston, spoke out against the Salem Witch Trials.

Ellet Ellett 1 acre 1659 Portsmouth

At the time Ulster-Scots from the English Civil War were receiving land because of finished indenture ships, Robert Ellet received his land, in what was Strawberry Bank. In 1654 because it felt being a port at a mouth of a river would be a better name, the community became Portsmouth, NH, and is still called the same today.

Robert Ellot indentured, like most Ulster-Scots, name went through various changes. From Ellot to Ellet then finally Elliot the spelling used on the Borders of Scotland to this day.

It is felt John Batson is brother to Robert Ellet wife.

 Robert Ellot-Ellet-Elliot, had two sons;

 Robert Eliot Jr (of Harvard College, and has a John Eliot of Harvard College surname) is the one which is going to be talked about;

 Some claim that Eliot, Maine is named after this Eliot.

Eliot, ME  Robt Eliot the son of Robert Eliot of New Caste, is name origins

Robert Elliot Jr&Sr HC (Harvard College 1701) T Frost Jordan

The Jordan which make the claim are likely descendents of Rev Robert Jordan, Episcopalian.

Robert Elliot Jr&Sr George Vaughan, Andrew Peppermill Timothy Gerrish deed

In 1705 is Robert Elliot, senior, but it is also Robert Eliot, junior. Note the differences in spelling. Robert senior’s name Ellot had undergone changes Ellot to Ellet then Elliot, so it was accepted because of the English Puritan population, and that Robert junior was educated at Harvard College that he changed his name to Eliot.

 Robert Eliot. Rev. Nicholas Gilman, H. C., RE dies at sea 1715

The most famous Eliot, Rev John Eliot, apostle to the Indians, and well known patronage of Harvard College, spelled his last name as Eliot, like others with similar names would spell them. The Puritans dominated the Scottish Episcopalians at the time, given many years, a lot of Elliott families of America today, think they are English, but come from Scottish roots. Society, erasing the borderers from today’s England, erased then from the America Plantation.

As far as Eliot, Maine is concern, because Robert Eliot Jr of Harvard College has little impact on the region it could be question whether the name came from him.

Have concluded because the difference in spelling Robert Elliot Sr did not give his name to the town of Eliot, Maine.

It is felt the Eliot spelling, came from William de Aliot of France, a Norman name which came to England, and in the English Plantation a name the Robert Eliot adopted at Harvard College around 1700.

Mark Elliott      6/15/2013

 Addition to Robert Ellot-Ellet-Elliot;

Land Kittery and Scarbough of Robert Elliot and In-laws

Nathaniel son of Robert

Robert (Ellet) Elliot

Robert and Humphrey Elliot ME&SC

Robert Ellet

Robert Elliot fam 3-25-2012 add

Robert Elliot line

Robert Elliot will 1718

will of Robert Elliot

Margery Batson and Sarah Saunders

are drafts of the past.

Marriage records of Robert Sr, and 2nd son to Robert Jr, Nathaniel.

Robert Elliot and son Nathaniel of Boiling Rock Strawberry Bank


MSE 11/11/2013

Note reference below gives Robert Elliot born 1643, old enough with younger brother to fight in English Civil War.

Robert Elliot of Great Is (1) Robert Elliot of Great Is (2)


MSE 10/30/2015

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