Surname Comparisons; UK, US, Australia

Elliott surnamae UK US Aus

Elliott; is the most common used surname of it’s form.

UK 1st , Australia 2nd, and US 3rd in percent  Elliott.

Increase in percent for UK.

Elliot surname UK US Aus

Elliot; has a drastic decrease for UK since 1881, and is felt an extra t was added where Elliot became Elliott. In the Borders the name Elliot to Elliott is about 6 to 1, but for UK as a whole this ratio is in reverse.

Ellwood surname UK US Aus

Ellwood; is found to be a Cumbria, UK. It still retains it’s basic meaning which has been lost over time; ell (a unit of area) and wood (woods); so Ellwood means; a forest stead, or woods which can be own, of a size deer may be found in them. The name Ellwood, is also the name closer to it’s original names of Elwold, and Elwould, where the word wold and would are used in Yorkshire Would/Wold.

Ellwood; As one can see there is a drop in percent of Ellwood from UK, to Australia, and a stronger drop to US. Ellwood can be said to be a UK then Australia dominate name.

Elwood surname UK US Aus

Elwood; a name used both and south of the border, the US had the greatest percentage. It is felt that Martin of Braidley family may have used the Elwood name, migrated to Ulster, then on to America.

Eliot surname UK US Aus

Eliot; Though it is felt that the name originated from Wm de Aliot, France, with a single l&t, and adopted ca 1650 by the Elwald/Ellot name, there are felt to be very few Eliot in comparison. It is felt some Eliot were lost by an addition of a l and/or a t.

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