UK Armstrong, with Buccleuch, Kinmont & Gorrenberry what more?

Appeal to reverse decision of Scottish Border Council;

Appeal to SBC of Infinis Windy Edge

Appeal being made to Scottish Border Council to reverse previous decision;

Ian Aikman
Chief Planning officer
Please ask for:
John Hiscox

Planning Ref:

Appeal Ref:


1st October 2015

Dear Sir/Madam


PROPOSAL: 13/00789/FULWind farm development comprising of 9 No wind turbines and associated infrastructure/buildings/access (further revised scheme – tip heights of Turbines 1, 2 and 4 reduced to 110m – all others to remain at 125m)

LOCATION: Land North East And North West Of Farmhouse Braidlie (Windy Edge) Hawick Scottish Borders


I am writing to advise you that an appeal has been lodged with Scottish Ministers against the decision of the Council that the above application be refused. A reporter appointed by Scottish Ministers will decide the procedure by which the appeal will be determined. A copy of your original representations will be included in the papers which I will be preparing in relation to the appeal. If you wish to make any further representations in respect of the appeal, you should write direct to the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals, 4 The Courtyard, Callendar Business Park, Callendar Road, Falkirk, FK1 1XR, within 14 days from the receipt of this letter.

Yours faithfully

Ian Aikman

Chief Planning Officer

United Kingdom Armstrong; with Buccleuch and Gorrenberry, what more do you need to stop the proposed Infinis Windy Edge wind farm in the Martin Ellot intern chief Braidlie/Gorrenberry region?

Don Quixote?;



Can someone see the similarities in the mapping of land by Infinis, Windy Edge above, and the mapping of land by Buccleuch below?


Can someone see the similarities of Buccleuch claiming Mangerton, and Buccleuch claiming Gorrenberry in the below genealogy?


Will Ellot callit the Lord

Will Ellot Gorrenberry  (2)

Lets the United Kingdom Armstrong, Buccleuch and Gorrenberry, lets not fail this time round….

Will Ellot Gorrenberry  (3)

in stopping the Infinis, Windy Edge industrial wind turbines from being placed near and desecrating the Hermitage Castle, a symbol to reivers around the world. Lets protect the Hermitage Castle, and show what needed to be done at Kinmont.

Mark Elliott   6/5/2015

Please Support;

Hermitage Action Group

Hermitage Action Group INFORMATION – – Gorrenberry

Please Support Buccleuch, and Northumberland, because the United Kingdom does not of and Antiquities Act like the United States, it is the border aristocracy which protects historical border antiquites,  such as the greatest symbol to borderers around the world that of The Hermitage Castle. The border aristocrats in protecting the archaeological history, from corporate, desecration are acting much in the spirit of the United States Antiquites Act of 1906   which protects regions in the US National Park system, such as that of Mesa Verde, National Park, and Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, on the Colorado Plateau, in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern United States. There are protected ruins at Grand Canyon National Park where about half the visitors are from outside the United States.

The native indigenous populations of the pueblo people are descended from these regions which are protected, though the United Kingdom after the revolution of 1776 became a different nation from the United States, it is hoping they will see fit to protect my ancestral lands from industrialization, like the United States Antiquities Act of 1906 protects the land of it’s native population from industrialization.

Some protect the land for others, like the Wethrill Brothers and are buried there.


Wetherill Cemetery Chaco Canyon National Historic Park

Can assure you, that my ancestry is buried in the vicinity of Hermitage Castle and on the land where Infinis is planning to build a wind farm.

Those such as the clan chiefs of The Kerr, and Elliot, and Cessford a Kerr; Duke of Roxborghe, are all linked to Northern British Wind Power, and likely expressing themselves as being Scottish and that they can determine a wind farm can be built near that of Northumberland, but when it comes to The Hermitage Castles if they are not supporting the Armstrong the they are supporting Infinis, in placing a wind farm near The Hermitage Castle, and are extending a long standing feud between, not the Ker but between Buccleuch and Cessford, and taking advantage of their new found corporate power of Northern Bristish Windpower NBW, to cause environmental, industrial destruction to what Buccleuch famiy has be protecting, preserving and renovating for over four centuries the of THE HERMITAGE CASTLE.

 MSE    8/6/2015
Archaeological map for west side Infinis Turbine Array;
Gorrenberry Farm Archaeology map
New map showing Infinis Braidlie, Array (not labeled), and east side of array.
Infinis Windy Edge Briadlie Turbine Array map.
Old website;
Infinis Windy Edge Briadlie Turbine Array map.
Everyone on in region knows where The Hermitage Castle is, why is it not called Infinis, Hermitage Castle wind farm, instead of Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm. Where is Windy Edge anyway?
Refer to map;
Where does the United Kingdom Clan Elliot Society think Braidlie historical Martin Ellot’s Braidley is;
But where do maps say it is;

Could above be an example of the wind farm corporations using MI6 covert techniques to get their way?




September (Sept/Hept 7th month) 1484;

Walter Scot of Edshaw to be of Branxholm to be of Buccleuch.

Rudolph Ker and brother Walter Ker of Cesford now Duke of Roxburghe.

William Elwald of Gorrenberry, now considered vanquished.

To see Robert Elwald (10) receives lands of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth and others.


The Annals of a Border Club (the Jedforest): And Biographical Notices of the Families Connected Therewith

George Tancred

Pub T. S. Smail, 1899 – History of Scotland pg 149

It should be noted as in above it is felt in 1484 Buccleuch (Scott), and Cessford (Roxburghe) were not feuding.

Mark Elliott  6/7/2015

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