What’s an Elliott of Clan Elliot?

An Elliot is of two basic origins;

That of Breton, and other of Proto-Germanic, seeded into the Scottish borders, as given by the basic Elliot, Elliott, Eliot, and Eliott poem. As shown by;

The father and grandmother of the clan chief;




From site; Origin of Name Elliot: from Old English, Elwold.

Want to apologize to above site, if language is changed from outside source to Eliot of Aliot, for the Breton/St German family, with deletion of; Origin of Name Elliot: from Old English, Elwold, because of the duality of origins this given by above site is true also.

It is likely because the husband of the Redheugh-Stobs family the chieftain is of North British Windpower NBW that MI6 techniques may be utilize to destort the family of Elliott history, so an Infinis Windy Edge wind farm can be built between my homeland of Gorrenberry and The Hermitage Castle.

Google of; North British Windpower NBW

Two Crests; Scottish Arms of the Elwald, and English Arms of the Aliot;



Elliott is by far the most used name;


Concentration of Elliott, is in the penal colony of Northfolk Island,


For Elliot; Anguilla, is in the region which Cromwellian, indentures; Scottish red-leg were sent at time of English Civil War ca 1650.


Elwald (Scottish pre Ellot), Ellot (Scottish pre Elliot), Eliot (English, French), Elliot (Scottish), Ellet (Wales), Elliott (who knows but most likely overseas), Eliott (Stobs), and Ellwood (Cumberland, England).

Elliot Eliott Eliot Elliott poem

Clan Elliot of Germany in their Wikipedia;


German Elliot poem

The double L and single T Descent from Minto and Wolflee, The double T and single L Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell. The single L and single T The Eliots of St Germains be, But double T and double L, Who they are nobody can tell.

Robert Bell dichtete in “The Book of Scots-Irish Family Names” hinzu: “For double L and double T, the Scots should look across the sea!”

Clan Elliot of the USA in their genealogical section;


The main forms of the name appear in an old rhyme:

The double L and single T
Descend from Minto and Wolflee,

The double T and single L
Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell,

The single L and single T
The Eliots of St. Germains be,

But double T and double L
Who they are, nobody can tell.

Elliot USA poem

Clan Elliot of Australia;


Australian Elliot poem

Legend has it that the extra “t” in Eliott arose when a branch of the Eliotts adopted Christianity. The “t” was in reality meant to be a cross. The differences in spelling can be distinguished in this rhyme:

The double L and single T
Descent from Minto and Wolflee, (Elliot)
The double T and single L
Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell.
The single L and single T
The Eliots of St Germains be,
But double T and double L,
Who they are nobody can tell.





Elliot from Hawick, Scotland to Elliott of Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland.


Robert Bell in “The Book of Scots-Irish Family Names” adds: “For double L and double T, the Scots should look across the sea!” He pointed out that 71 of 76 births of children by that name in Ireland in 1890 spelt it “Elliott.” Elliot(t)s emigrated or were sent to Ireland in the early 17th century after the unification of the English and Scottish crowns.

Forebear in Descriptive Writing;


forebears Elliot Poem

among Eliots (all spellings) is Celtic-Brittonic by Keith Elliot Hunter is basically correct since the single “l” and single “t”  the Eliot spelling are of St. German, an are basically Celtic-Brittonic.

Kieth Elliot Hunter among Eliots all spelling is Celtic-Britonic

Search engine bias by adding a 2 to elliot;

search engine Elliot history bias by adding a 2




and see for yourself.

QuintusPentillus of Clan Eliott Wikipedia linking to;


Can anyone figure out who QuintusPentillus is?

The elliot2 two bias is in Reiver DNA also;

Border Reivers with 2 bias

MSE  1/14/2016

It should be noted;

Changed Elliot history

Try links;

Of above;


Link provided by above;


Now link from scotclans.com giving today’s modified history;


MSE   4/15/2016

One will find excellent information on the Breton Eliot, with the following link;


In accordance, to the previous Elliot Clan Chief; Arthur Eliott, father of the present, the name derived from Elwald-Elwold became Ellot, then about ca 1650 and “i” has the same basic correctness of Keith Elliot Hunter’s Celtic-Briton names deriving from Eliot, which in about 1650 the Elliot of Ellot became a derivative of this name also.

It is excellent that Keith Elliot has been able to establish the Cletic-Britain Eliot evolved names which the Elwald-Ellot, family of Proto-Germanic Anglo-Danish name origin adopted around 1650 and became established with it’s double “l” and single “t” of it’s originator Ellot as Elliot about 1650.

among Eliots (all spellings) is Celtic-Britonic Keith Elliot Hunter forebears.co.uk

The name Eliot is derived from barony naming of William de (of) Aliot from a town in southern France, in accordance to the Eliot of southern England;


Aliot surname distribution


Then the spelling evolved from Aliot to Eliot, where Eliot became Breton and St Germain;

Like the previous clan chief  Arthor Eliott quoting. “As the old verse has it:” and concurring with Clan Elliot of Germany, USA, and Australia, plus those around the world; “Single L and single T, The Eliots of St. Germains be;”

Eliot European distributionEliot surname distribution map


It is felt that by adding a t to Elliot to make Elliott gives distribution of;


The above shows out of the borderland into Ulster a t was added to Elliot to make Elliott, and it is felt this happened to the other Plantation of England with the border name Elliot, it became Elliott.


In above PDF over concepts were being developed, and errors in interpretation were made. Like chief not being a chief but a location on a shield. The overall basic concepts which are consistent to today’s outcomes are still there.

Though today, the number of Eliot is extremely low compared to the number of Elliott around the world, shown in frequency levels above. It’s evolution by addition of a l and/or a t evolved all the spelling of the four names in the poem of Eliot, Elliot, Eliott, and Elliott. This started with William de Aliot, centuries before, the Anglo-Danish name of Elwald (Elwold), evolved into Ellot, and became the Breton (Celtic-Briton) name, never having a single “L”, but try to retain it’s double “L” and single “T” spelling with many of the UK, and English Plantations around the world adding an extra “T”. By inserting the “i” it has created great confusion among the clan as Arthur Eliott has stated around 1650, by further adding to the confusion an extra “T” was added.

Arthur Eliott of Stobs (Redheugh), and Robert Bell of Ulster, have noted that those Elliot/Elliott overseas are mainly of Scottish descent. Most of the Scots likely of Scots-Irish descent, lived previously in the Ulster Plantation of Northern Ireland. Ulster was used as a stepping stone to younger English Plantations such as America, the Pacific, and many others in which the sun would not set on the English Empire.

Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot

An Elliot defends The Hermitage Castle, and supports their ally The Armstrong.

Elliot and Elliott utilize similar fore-naming as the Armstrong and Fairbairn;


Infinis Windy Edge Wind Farm proposed in the vicinity of The Hermitage Castle, and Clan Armstrong has opposed the building of this wind farm that will bring industrial destruction to the environment of The Hermitage Castle.

True border Elliot’s will support their ally the Armstrong, and defend The Hermitage Castle from destruction. Today of industrial destruction is being brought to the  natural surrounding of the Hermitage Castle.

Homeplace Clan Elliot tee

Mark S. Elliott     3/7/2016

Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge

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