Armstrong, and Buccleuch, Thank You

I want to thank Clan Armstrong, and the Duke of Buccleuch for going against the wind farm industry, and not supporting the placement of a wind farm on Hermitage Castle Hill, the locality of my ancestry of four centuries ago. That of the Clementis Hob (Robert Elwald (Ellot-Elliot)) of Goranberry, and his uncle Archie Kene (Archibald Ellot the wise). Archie Kene is the younger brother and Clementis Hob is the nephew of Gavin Ellot of Horseleyhill Baillillie and Stobs, family is felt to be of Gorrenberry, using a stag head seal, quite different than the Redheugh seal with an elwand on it.   Wm Ellot seal (4)   Wm Ellot Horsleyhill seal     from Robert B. Armstrong  History of Liddesdale…. Note; stag heads on seal The crest of my family has similarities to; Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker   The Daniel/Andrew  Ellot/Elliot line is as closely related to the Kerr as they are to the Eliot/Elliot/Elliott; Y-DNA name distances And the Ewald of Germany crest is similar to the Elwald of the UK crest. The Armstrong Fair Bear migrates in the stories out of German to Yorkshire on to the borders then Fermanagh and on to the American Plantation. Fairy Bear migration     Migrating with the Fairy Bear   German Ewald Crest; ewald crest   UK Elwald Crest Wald in German means tree, and the tree is most likely represents a forest in which Ewald/Elwald lived; Robert Elwald crest   The Elwood crest similar to the Kerr, and the Wm Ellot of Horseleyhill. Elwood Crest   And the Elwood crest. Though both families are of Horseleyhill, Gilbert was born of Redheugh, and this is the beginning of the Redheugh line. Gilbert-Ellot-seal   My line was there when Robert Elwald obtain land of Redheugh; Robert-William-John-Elwald-of-Redheugh   This would be landholder William Elwald of Gorrenberry. About this time Duke of Buccleuch obtained land of Mangerton, and the family of Buccleuch had stewardship of the land, but the Armstrong to this day ride for it’s ownership. Scott Hume Kerr Armstrong Elwald   Buccleuch also had governorship of The Hermitage Castle;   Buccleuch land of David Scot Douglas 1480-1560  (2)   Buccleuch land of David Scot Douglas 1480-1560  (1)   Braidley, and Shawis, the region around The Hermitage Castle was incorporated by the Barony of Cavers, half brother to “Bell the Cat” Douglas.   William-Douglas-of-Cavers-McPatickhope-Braidley-and-Schawes   Martin Ellot family lived in Braidley of this Barony of Cavers. Martin 10   Braidley had been recorded as a patch of forest, a grove, woods, which was called was listed with others as foresta; Foresta Ermytag Hermitage   foresta   This is in an area of the planned wind farm;   Hermitage-Lawis-and-Shawis2   My family rode since Gorrenberry is close to Braidley with Martin of Braidley, and were referred to as The Gorrenberry Gang. The other gang which did not ride with Martin is the Redheugh Clan, which supplies clan leadership to today’s clan Elliot, and does not recognize the Elwald line which is not apart of the Armstrong Clan because the Crozier are a sept of the Armstrongs, and my many great grandfather Clementis Hob was Robert Elwald, the adopted nephew of Clement Crosar (Crozier) of Stobs. So the line is adopted by an Armstrong sept the Crosar. The Elliot clans chiefs genealogy; Maggie Eliiott Chistopher Powell Wilkins   Her husband; Christopher Powell Wilkins  wind director Redheugh Newcastleton No vote donors   The Elliot Clan locality of Braidley; clan_map

Been working for years to get it in it's proper location.
It is felt that Redheugh, which the clan chief is; faught on the side of the Buccleuch in a feud against the Gorrenberry and Braidley Ellot, and her husband being in support of wind farms, and part of the aristocracy of the UK which are willing to destroy the ancestral, historical, antiquities of the UK by putting wind farms anywhere and challenging the centuries old protection of the Buccleuch family of the Hermitage Caste, is not willing to relocate Braidley to its proper locality so a wind farm can be built on HermitageCastle Hill.

One knows that they are apart of their brethren clan, after all the bear and the elk/moose, have the same parentage, and if one bleeds the other one also bleeds. Buccleuch could have supported wind farms like many other dukes; dukes chasing wind farm subsidies1   But he had came out strongly against the one on Hermitage Castle Hill; Duke-of-Buccleuch-Buck

Thank You again Armstrong and Buccleuch for standing up against the Hermitage Castle Hill wind power turbine farm of Infinis and should I also

say BNW.

Mark Elliott    4/17/2014


Prince of Wales opposes wind farms.

If the Prince of Wales can stop a proposed  67 foot wind turbine outside his window in August, can the Scottish Border reivers, stop a defacing of the most iconic, historical ancestral antiquity that by an Infinis wind power turbine array, of Hermitage Castle Hill above the Hermitage Castle?

MSE 4/28/2014

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  1. Hopefully people will realize the Clan Crozier does not need to remain a vanquished clan and should be Unvanquished as their allied clan the Armstrong are and will speak up for them.

  2. says:

    The land base of Buccleuch Estates has been in reduction over the years, and  gentry acting as corporate heads have been utilizing their corporate powers in a destructive fashion against the historical antiquities of the United Kingdom.

  3. ZzdayInfo says:

    Buccleuch you and I, along with the Armstrong and other border clans of both sides of the border have a difficulty in playing both sides.

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