Armstrong mix;



Guess for this one even by Armstrong standards I am vanquished;

Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge

Hollows Tower from Gilnockie


Time to saddle up borderers;

Armstrong we need 3,000, Elliot 750, Nixon 200, Crozier what ever you can spare, and Moffat we need 3, 1 Hunter, and his Johnstone friend/ally.

Need to Ride;

Infinis Windy Edge

Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge


Scot Gov Approves INFINIS Windy Edge of Hermitage Castle

Rescue The Hermitage Castle as had been done with Kinmont Willie;

*The Ballad of Kinmont Willie

Click on following for information of Clan Crozier and Clan Elliot which has been censored from English Wikipedia;

Clan Crozier & Ellot censored from en wiki

Clan Crozier English Wikipedia site was making better numbers than clan Eliott;


When Elwald-Ellot information was placed on Clan Elliot-Eliott site numbers of readers shot skyward;


The reason for the censorship is that Redheugh; clan Elliot Chief, Ferniehirst; clan Kerr Chief, and Cessford; Duke of Roxburghshire, are all linked in on corporation North British Windpower NBW, which is running the Scottish Border Government because they are in feud with Clan Armstrong, Buccleuch, Northumberland and Gorrenberry. After 400 and more years this feud needs to end so the Heritage which represents border peoples displaced to North Scotland,  North England, and North Ireland, and English Plantations around the world can be protected.



Newer finds added to;

Liddel Water Armystrand to Armstrong

Historical Information for the Armstrong;

Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot

Armstrong Fairbairn I-M253 Y-DNA

Armstrong please sort out in above site your info.

Armstrong note;



Google “Clan Crozier”    MSE 4/13/2016

Windy Edge Wind Farm,

Somewhat a genealogist. Dad, was an excellent one, and seem to build on him. Recently decease, and died in his hometown of Mt Ayr, Iowa, USA, where a great proportion of the people living in this small enclave their descendants are of this small border community just north of the Missouri border. Borderers seem to like borders, and I live in the four corners region of the US, where the corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, and the borders of many governments, where the Navajo Nations is, land size about half that of the UK.

Any way thought I, being of the Society of Friends, a searcher, or seeker, as the Later Day Saints, say, find your ancestors find oneself, and with Y-DNA, following my Y-Chromosomes decided to chase down my father’s father. Entering Fermanagh, then Scotland, felt after being away for four centuries, no one in the UK would believe me.

Granddad was hidden away of north by the baud Buccleuch, who I call buck, have a difficult time with pronouncing his name. He uses a buck, as a symbol for Buccleuch Estates, but the Elliot(t)s , Walter (what a name for an Elliot of Scotland), and myself believe the name is from a bucking stream. Buck is married to a Kerr, and I blame his wife on being a romantic in believing that the family started from all the land a buck can travel on. It is felt she drug me into to this thing in the first place.

He has all the land because he would bail out the Armstrong and my branch at the time referred to as the Elwald-Ellot, as found properly in The Chronicles of the Armstrong, and collection of historical information, edited by James Lewis Armstrong MD on the Armstrong and relation including the Elwald, done in reiving style outsided the United Kingdom, but if denounced more Armstrong read it..

The Clan Armstrong Trust preserving Armstrong Heritage, and Culture is also preserving it for all border Scots. It is fairly new, and has not been contaminated by domination by influences other than Armstrong, and properly supported a group, chaired by Malcolm MacGregor, The Hermitage Action Group. The MacGregor, were chased out of the north to the borderlands, and the Armstrong were chased out of the borderlands to the north. The chief of Clan MacGregor, a Malcolm also is married to an Armstrong on the board of this trust.

The name of the group is properly called The Hermitage Action Group, the the proposed wind farm is called by an obscure name of the region Infinis Windy Edge.

Today the Armstrong share similar characteristics and have been displaced all over Scotland, and are connected through the internet.

Fallago Rig (Ridge) on the Scottish side of the border, which the Duke of Northumberland, tried to stop who is a border brother to Buck, and he was going up against; Buck rivals and that of the Armstrong; Cessford; the Duke of Roxburghe (Roxburghshire), Ferniehirst (big in Brittish politics, Clan Kerr chief), and my relation Redheugh, but as the Armstrong have pointed out I am of Gorrenberry.

Today’s Redheugh chief is female an her husband not an Eliott has taken over with his corporate North British Windpower NBW (Google it), British MI6, links, so I get to border reive into the United Kingdom a descendant of the most notorious Clementis Hobs; in today’s language Clement Crozier’s nephew Robert Elliott. Had a brother named Robert Elliott (deceased). Clementis Hobs (Hob Elwode)  first lived with uncle on land of Stobs then on Gorrenberry, and his father a refugee would come from where he was hidden away by Buck at the time on land of of Baillillie (likely Bailly Bye). This was near land which Martin Ellot living on the Bothwell lease land of Braidly near Hermitage Castle owned up north called Braidly also, but did not live on. Martin Ellot therefore could be called of Braidly though the land he owned was up north, in much the same way it is called the Infinis Windy Edge wind farm and not The Hermitage Castle wind farm.

Given in the case of Fallago Rig that the Scottish Border Council was superseded by The Scottish Government, and today’s Armstrong because of The Union are internet linked and scattered away from the borders, would like these United Kingdom Armstrong to take advantage of this an contact there local Scottish Government official, and speak out against the appeal on Infinis Windy Edge (Hermitage Castle), wind farm, because it affects the heritage of all reivers which were spread into the English Plantations of the world, and do not want to travel overseas back to their Scottish border homeland to see a wind farm place near the Hermitage Castle, because Buccleuch is still feuding with the Kerrs of Cessford and Ferniehirst.

Insertation show in Breton bias;

Search engine bias by adding a 2 to elliot;

search engine Elliot history bias by adding a 2


and see for yourself.

QuintusPentillus of Clan Eliott Wikipedia linking to;

Can anyone figure out who QuintusPentillus is?

MSE  1/14/2016

It should be noted;

Changed Elliot history

Try links;

Of above;

Link provided by above;

Now link from giving today’s modified history;

MSE   4/15/2016

Also the Reiver Elliot Clan reference DNA can be considered bias, note link of “elliot2“;

Border Reivers with 2 bias ; 5/28/2016


United Kingdom Armstrong please pass link to an Elliot;

What’s an Elliott of Clan Elliot?

For St. Andrews;

St. Andrews (Andreas), Proto-Germanic Linguistic Evolution

and our Crozier allies.

Crozier migration

Surname, via forename, by adding “s”&”son”

Feelings about the Armstrong/Elwald mix;

Scandinavian Settlement map

It is felt that the Grahams, and Elwald (Elliott) were apart of the Danish settlements then they migrated towards the Norwegian settlements. The the Armstrong seem that they are treated as a separate people. The Armstrongs are felt to be Nordic, were the Elwald are and Graham are felt to be Anglo-Saxon Danes.

Viking Settlement map

The Normans (French) established land rights, it is felt the land which the Armstrongs lived on was theirs, but the French Gentry had the concept they could claim it.

Dan-Viking map

Anglo-Saxon map

Kershope Burn (valley of the Kerr river).

Strathclyde 1092

Though the Anglo-Saxon Danes settled first on the east coast, the Nordic first in the Kingdom of Dublin, then Anglo-Saxon Danes migrated to join the Nordics, this is when the Elwald (Elliott) allied themselves, in the region of Nichol-Forest, Kirkandrews.


Given; by my german brother (one who shares my Y-DNA) Robert P. Elliott, in which informed him correlations were needed before conclusions; he produced this which I am most grateful for;

Rutherford, Scot, Ker, Armstrong, Burns DNA distance

With the grouping of names in the region of the Liddel/Leven Waters, and the closeness of our Y-DNA, of what is referred to as THE DANIEL GROUPING definitely there left a Y-DNA fingerprint in the Liddel/Leven Region.

Those who could migrate their way away from the border lands, and establish loyalty to the Union of the Crown, Crown, could stay in England. The Douglas a clan that the Elwald and Armstrong were loyal to were loosing there power, this was also a power of separation of the nations of Scotland and England.


My family tries to migrate northward, and was closely in connection to the Scott Clan, but ended up, in Ulster with assistance of the Hamilton family.


Beginning to find out that the concepts of Arthur Eliott, coincide with my own though independently obtained. Though the border, split some of the Clans such as the Armstrong, Kerr, and Elwald, this was another family separation which happened about four centuries ago. The separation has been so long do not know if it can be put back together. The separation of the name Ellwood to that of a individual with the name Elliott has been centuries more. Though my Y-DNA coincides with East Riding Yorkshire, which makes my Y-DNA as coming from England.


Like for Americans not all British are alike.


Mark Elliott 1/31/2013

Milnholm Cross and Elwand to Sword

Migrating with the Fair Bear;

Armstrong Fairy Bear story

Migrating with the Fairy Bear



Johnie Armstrong Tower


Goodnight Armstrong;

Armstrong Goodnight


Mark Elliott                        11/22/2013


Ye nick a Armstang, a Ellot bleeds,  Ye nick a Ellot a Armstrang bleeds. 

Though some believe the saying came because the Armstrong and Ellot were felt to be feuding, I believe they felt they were of the same group. So, nicking one or the other would be nicking the Armstrong/Ellot collective.

MSE   3/20&30/2014

Barony of Bourne the Danish Bear

Armstrong Fairbairn I-M253 Y-DNA

Mark S. Elliott   5/29/2016


Above shows a mixture of languages in the region which is considered debatable  lands today. With Gaelic being a part of all the languages of region.


It is felt that King David I of Scotland, buried in this region, had links to the Lincolnshire, Croyland (Crowland) region in which there is development in the Alan Elfwold (Elwald), name of Norfolk ca1250, where the word “wold” is used in Elfwold/Elwold, and in today’s Cumbria name in the region of Debatable lands “wold” with the same meaning of “wood”; small forest becomes “Elwood” then predominately “Ellwood”.

11/23/2016 MSE

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