Daniel Ellot Elliot Tullykelter & Salem

These are drafts which were put together on Daniel Elliot.

Horseleyhill Ellot tree Dand Andrew


The Ellots of Redheugh tree


Feel the above by Arthur Eliott is the closest to being correct of the given;

Shows Robert 15th father of Gilbert

Robert 15th father Gilber of Stobs


Shows Gavin of Stobbs father of Gilbert.

Gavin and Gilbert of Stobs

In consideration that Gilbert became chief it is felt he was born of a Robert, then stepson to a Gavin. There is the possibility since Gilbert is not a Redheugh name but a Schawis name of the Barony of Cavers, that he is illegitimate where the likely biological father is Gavin, but he was still born of Redheugh, because he had to be tutored by the William of Horseleyhill family, brother Robert, brother german (half brother different mother) Andrew (Dand likely “cowie”), Gavin (the clerk), and Archie Kene (wise).   This is a Larriston/Gorrenberry to Horseleyhill family.

This may give reason why Daniel moved from Scotland to Ulster;

Elliots Redheugh evect

Dan from Scot1

Dan from Scot2

Dand to Daniel

Daniel Church of England

Daniel Episcopalian


Tullykelter to America

Hope the above drafts will help other researchers.


Mark Elliott                 6/15/2013


This additional piece of information indicates that Daniel Elliott tenant of Malcolm Hamilton 1618 is from the Scottish Border.

Daniel Elliott tenant of Malcolm Hamilton in Fermanagh 1618


Adding 37 marker matches;

37 marker Y-DNA map (1)

37 marker Y-DNA map (2)


The above shows a strong likelihood that the family to America, came from Ireland.

Mark      11/21/2013

Want to thank Linda Elliott, of getting me to submit, my Y-DNA. At first I was basically certain as Linda, Melanie, Robert,

Linda, Daniel Elliot

and others at this cutting edge of research though, we must have came out of England. This research is always a work in  progress, and is has been passed down my families line. It was Robert P. Elliott which said we were  from England, and had to apply some mathematical though along with some Norman naming to figure out the likely region the name Elwald (Elfwald) for our family evolve. It looks like England, but in est 1250, it would have been pre-England, East Riding Yorkshire, in Northumbria, not England.


Mark Elliott                                         2/19/2014

Andrew Dandie vanished 1607


Andrew (Dand), in 1607 was banished from both Kingdoms (England and Scotland), this may be why he went to the Plantation of Ulster.

This may give people some help which are looking for the Danforth Farm/J Stone land/Sudbury layout.


Couple of maps which may be of interest;


Daniel of Sudbury of Marlborough by Savage


Danforth Farms' J Stone Land;


Danforth farms Stone's Land


Sudbury, Danforth Farms, Otter Neck

Four city blocks and estimated half mile.

MSE   3/30/2014

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