Dear Bob, re: Hermitage Castle wind farm HAG

Dear Bob,


You do not know how emotional I get from those two words; dear Bob. Had a brother Robert a year younger who died of cancer.


Like my father before me and many fathers back, I do things by the numbers. In other words like you must have already suspected I think like a Ker.


When they picked you Bob Lawson <>

The Curator-Ferniehirst Castle, Jedburgh TD8 6NX.


The Curator-Ferniehirst Castle projects what the Kerr, wants him to project, but not necessary that which they the Kerr believe is accurate and true about their family. This what the Kerr wants to project to the public.


Though even if you went to the English side of Kerhopefoot, and found the rubble of the Ker Tower, you still are not likely to believe in the name Kerhopefoot; meaning at the foot of the valley of the Ker, the 1576 Saxton map showing a tower at Kerhopefoot, or the archeological rip-rap/rubble now at the location, as being a place that the Ker lived. What you may have understood, if a tower with a left-handed stair case, was still standing at the location showing that it is a Ker Tower.


It is important to preserve these antiquities, so history in itself may be preserved.


The Ker Tower, unlike the Towers of the Armstrong, was on the English side of the border, and this is what the Kerrs want to keep from the rest of the world, but the rest of the world all they have to do is to travel over to where the Kerhope pours into the Liddel, on the south side, look at the rubble, and decide for themselves.


The Kers like my family the Elwald, do not want it to be known they are of England; I prefer saying Northumbria, previously to the laying of the border which split many families making borders; such as the Elwald (to become the Breton Elliot name) and Armstrongs. An Archibald Douglas owned land of Kirkandrews and Cavers, and the Douglas of Cavers rode with the Armstrong, Elwald, Ker, and Scot. They were known as the Traitors (also thieves) of Leven. Being of southern Northumbria, the part which became England, these traitors living in now Scotland (N Northumbria), raided back into their homeland now England (mid-South Northumbria).


Approximately about five rivers in the United Kingdom where named Leven which means lightning. The Douglas do not seem to be around. They have let Cavers go into deterioration, and it’s history with it will likely be lost forever. So the group which is left now at the borders are the The (Walter) Scot (Buccleuch, can not pronounce so I refer to call him Buck from the original Buckcleuch), the Scottish Armstrong, the Elwald/Ellot (by inserting an “i” it becomes the border name Elliot ca1650), and hopefully with your assistance the Kerr.


Today I prefer to look upon the group as the Leven (lightning) Brigade.


It is easy for me to ride with the Armstrong, though many great-grandfather, Danie Ellot (son of Clementis Hob) rode for Branxholme (became Buccleach) previously to The Union of the Crowns, and resettling in Ulster as Daniel Ellot. Do not particularly trust Buck, and feel that the Ker with their feud with his family may not trust him also, though they may say otherwise, action not words show truth.


Bob, if you want to become apart of history, instead of writing it this is a time there is a need to put all conflicts aside.


Being from New Mexico, one wonders what a person can do. In a New Mexico backyard, a discovery was made of the planet Pluto, or it became a planet for awhile, but man made an element named after this Pluto discovered in New Mexico, and called it plutonium. Then in New Mexico, they imploded plutonium, hundreds of miles (kilometers) from my home town, which was reported to see the light from this implosion in the first chain reaction set free. The project was called The Manhattan Project.


Call the project to take on the wind mills; The La Mancha Project Hermitage Castle Action Group HAG. Figure if the Leven Brigade rides again we may have somewhat a chance to stop these wind mills from sprouting up like mushrooms around the ancestral antiquities such as Ferniehirst Castle, and they must be stopped at the border (Hermitage Castle).


Though it is called The Hermitage Action Group-HAG do not think if they do not stop wind mills on the hill of Lawis Jok (meaning John of the hill which meant Hermitage Hill), it is not going to stop there. Once the precedence has been established with the Hermitage Castle, the wind farms will be place next to other antiquities.


So far it seems like Buck, and the Armstrong of The Borders are riding to take on the wind mills, unlike Don Quote, to beat them. More riders will be needed to ride with them. It is felt the Kerr are a major key to stopping the spreading of these mushrooming wind mills, but they also will have to put all border conflicts aside and ride with the Armstrong, and Buck.



The Hermitage Castle is just one stick, and by itself can be easily snapped, but combined with other people who want to protect their local antiquities, from the ever progressing threat of these mushrooming wind mills, it is felt that they may be stopped.


Hemitage Action Group-HAG


It should be noted that since,


Hermitage Castle Action Group HAG, is supported by the Armstrongs and



Mark Oddy <>

The BUCCLEUCH Estates ltd – LANGHOLM (UK). Mark ODDY, Estate Manager. secretariat +44 13873 80202



Malcolm McGregor, is felt to be a highly trusted individual. One key point, and he is straight to his point, is that the United Kingdom, unlike the United States in 1906 does not have an Antiquities Act, which gives executive (monarchical) powers to protect the nations Antiquities. The Prim Minister just does not have. It is doubtful that the corporation planting these wind mills would ever consider planting them near the land of The Royals.


My family moved from the borders four centuries ago. Who would care about them. Near me is the Grand Canyon, where about half the people visiting, are foreigners from various countries. How many foreigners from former English Plantations, of Ulster, America, and Australia, would want to visit their ancestral lands with a wind farm in the background?


Hopefully, those who spell their name Elliot (Ellot with an inserted “i”), the Armstrong of America, the Kerr, and others will forget personal conflicts, and ride with Buck, and the Armstrong, to stop the first planting of these wind mills, near historical ancestral antiquities, of the United Kingdom, so it will not spread like a virus into the United Kingdom.


Mark Elliott 8/27/2013




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