Ellot to Elliot

This is dedicated to the fathers;

Ellot of Horseliehill/Horseleyhill

Gilbert of the Horseleyhill/Stobs/Redheugh;



It should be noted on the seal the name is Ellot, and spelled Ellet.

Shield a band with a wand a Scottish ell in length an elwand like Robert Elwand(which the Elwald were referred to)  of Redheugh.

William of Horsleyhill, name became the preferred Ellot/Ellet/Elliot name of the early Ulster Plantation;

Wm Ellot Horsleyhill seal


It should be noted that Braidley, and Schaw near the Hermitage Castle is part of the John/Joan Wake, Saxons of Cottingham East Yorkshire, and Liddel land of Northumbria which became Scottish land of the Douglas, of the Barony of Cavers (ca 1320).

The Ellot of Scotland listed in the 1630 Ulster Rolls;

1630 Ulster Muster Ellot 01

1630 Ulster Muster Ellot 02


It should be noted that the one Gilbert is listed in the English, Ulster community of Londonderry in north Ulster, not near the border of Ulster, such as Fermanagh.

One can see a lot of Ulster Ellot became Elliott.

Elliott of Ireland distribution (1)


Elliott of Ireland distribution (2)


Arthur Eliott shows the insertion of the “i” into Ellot to make Elliot;

Arthur Eliott  i  insertion


Ellot is Elliot with an inserted i


Should be noted, that Andrew Elwald/Ellot is the older brother to Gavin Ellot who acquired Stobs after Andrew’s death, the Gavin Ellot who was stepfather to Gilbert Ellot, so Andrew Elwald/Ellot is Gilbert Ellot’s step-uncle. Relation is referred to as cousin or brother german.

Horseleyhill venn line name sharing


At the time 1484-1497 Robert of Redheugh was infeft, (became a land holder), there was  William Elwald who had land of Goranberry.  Land of Lariston in (larostanys in Lyddalisdale), was past to a William Elwald likely the one present with brothers Robert, William, John, Andrew and Ninian.

Walter Scot of Edschaw, and Ker at infeft of Robert of Redheugh


William of Horseleyhill is felt to be the older brother by a different mother to Gavin of Stobs step-father through marriage to a Scot(t) to Gilbert, born first of  a Robert of Redheugh the clan chief. It is felt that William of Horsleyhill is considered of Lariston (Goranberry), and Gilbert is of Redheugh.

The William Horseleyhill/Lariston tutored the line of the chief, first Gilbert then Gilbert’s oldest heir William Eliott.  History lists William as the father so they put Gilbert as of Lariston, but Arthur Eliott refers to Gilbert of Redheugh, like the seal shows, and it is felt the error is from William being the step-father, and a Robert of Redheugh being the father.

By looking at the forenames to the Ellot on the 1630 Ulster muster, and comparing to the shared names of Stobs, and the names when Robert became infeft with Redheugh on can see these names are of the Border Ellot.

There were a couple of English names from Wm de Aylot (Norman France), names;

1630 Ulster Muster Ellot 03

1630 Ulster Muster Ellot 04


Daniel Elliot on the Salem testimony of 1692 was;

Daniel Elliot testimony name spelled


Distribution of Elliot in Scotland in 1891;

Scotland 1841

One can see above they are mainly in Cumberland (Kirkandrews), and Liddesdale.

In England on can see they are mainly in the locality of Northumbria, and Cumbria;

Elliot dist 1891 (1)



If one takes a look at a later distribution;

Elliot distribution Northumbria


One can see to Breton (France) the Norman, St German (Port Elliot of Wm de Alyot) is close, and to East Riding, Yorkshire, Denmark (German/Scandinavian) is close.


Mark Elliott       12/22/2013

Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (1)


Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (2)


Aliot Elliot Ellot Elwald (3)


MSE   3/8/2014

Armstand Ellot bleed

It is felt that the Armstrong and the Ellot considered themselves of the same family, and if one of the group was to bleed, then both groups would bleed.

The “i” wasn’t introduced until sometime in the 17th century.

MSE     3/20/2014

Elwald Ellot naming (1)


Elwald Ellot naming (2)


Elwald, Elwold, Elwood, Ellot, and Elwand naming.

MSE 4/11/2014



Roxburghshire Castleton-Hawick Parishes


Castleton Parish


Roxburghshire (1)


Roxburghshire, by far in percentage has the most Elliot;


Roxburghshire (2)


Castleton then Hawick parish second have the greatest percentage of Elliot. In Castleton parish Elliot name is in the greatest percentage of all names, with the Scott family in second place.


Castleton Parish surnames


MSE     4/14/2014



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