Elwald of the Wake Cottingham/Liddel

It should be noted it is felt that some of the Elwald (Christian name meaning of forested (foresta)).

Wake and Elwald are both Anglo-Saxon names;

Elwald -Anglo-Saxon


Wake is of Cottingham-Liddel;

Wake Robert Bruce Douglas




Land as one can see went from Wake  through Robert the Bruce to the Douglas family.

Manor of Cottingham Wake


As one can see that land of the Stuteville was passed to an heir Joan Stuteville Wake to husband John Wake.

Cottingham Wake Stuteville



Stuteville Castle Cottingham East Riding, Yorkshire;

Stuteville Castle Baynard Cottingham


Also in later years there was a Thomas Elwald farmer of The Manor of Cottingham;

Thomas Elwald Cottingham


Wake also had taken over land in the Debatable Lands, of Kirkandrews;

Wake Kirkandrews (1)

Wake Kirkandrews (3)

Wake Kirkandrews (2)

Wake Kirkandrews (4)


John Wake to Archibald Douglas Kirkandrews

The reason some Elwald may have went from Wake land of Cottingham, to the Liddel, because of the responsibility of the Wake family to provide troops for the Scottish borders.

Thomas Wake receive lands of parents John and Joan scrutage

Land of Stuteville Wake Douglas Grahams


Note; Nicholforest.

Nicholforest Nicholas de Stuteville

If should be noted that Elwald were on the Liddel in Kirkandrews and Liddesdale, Hermitage.

Barony of Liddel quite large;

Liddel Strength (The Mote).

Liddel Strength

Map below shows locality of Liddel Strength (The Mote);

borders map

near Kirkandrews/Canonbie.


Liddel Castle near Old Castleton;

Liddel Castle Castleton mapLiddel Castle, RBA

Liddel Castle air view youtube



Overall region map;

Liddel Strength Castle


Above shows Liddel Strength, Liddel, and Hermitage Castle.

It show be noted that Elwald people of the forest, lived in forest patches around at first the Ermydoune (army fort pre Declaration of Arbroath) then Ermytage (after Arboarth; army guard post), now Hermitage. INFINIS has proposed a wind farm on Hermitage Castle Hill.

Foresta Ermytag Hermitage


another resource, same info;



Hermitage Lawis and Shawis




Above proposed Hermitage Castle Hill wind farm by INFINIS.


It is felt that the Elwald migrated north and before the time of The Declaration of Arbroath, the ones north of the Liddel Water ended up in Scotland.


MSE    3/20/2014

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