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Because the United Kingdom Armstrong seek and share knowledge in the region of genealogy, this PDF is written for the Armstrong and their border allies which like to pitch-in to help the Armstrong on their ride out;



Dad; Loren S. Elliott, asked if we are from Germany;

Given; language, Y-DNA, forest, Wald distribution, and population, felt we are from, mid Germany.

Article Germany PDF lays out reason;


Mark Elliott 8/25/2013

Added 9/7/2013;

R1b1a2a1a1a German migration


added 9/19/2013;

Elwaldus de Schinktlef


Elwald of Schinktlef


Schinkel, Germany map


Trillesden is near Blakelaw-Newcastle upon Tyne.
The name Elwald is of Schinkel, Germany. Northern Germany were the Anglo of Saxon came from.


Ellottes of Liddesdale  ca 1580 (1)

born of Heede


It is felt that the Borne-heede name may be taken more literal, to mean; born of Heede. This would be like saying Japanese American, of a person descended from Japan in America, being said to be; born of Japan.

MSE  9/19/2013   updated; 10/06/2013

Crests, Coat of Arms for; Elwald and Ewald

Robert Elwald 1385-1408


As on can see there is a stag’s head, and a tree (indicative of forest).

ewald crest


One can see a close relation between the upper two shields.

It is felt the name Elwald has Saxon origins in Germany, where in Germany Elwald became Ewald.



Above one sees a German wald (forest), and a stag’s head, two which upon red, and a sword in a hand of armor. Do not think it has any relation with today’s Elliot symbol;



Mark Elliott            10/20/2013


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