Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge

Hermitage Castle – Statement of Significance

1541 The Elwald-Ellot-Elliot-Elliott defended the Hermitage Castle. Hope their descendants are still defending their homeland from Windy Edge Hermitage Castle Wind Farm.

Windmills threaten an ancient border fortress

Hermitage Castle; Protecting and Preserving

It is one of the oldest surviving castles in Scotland and sits in an iconic landscape synonymous with the Borders for many people around the world.

Reivers author ‘would have fought to save Hermitage’

Once a contractor has been approved, government wise it does not carry to a new contractor. Once INFINIS  has been approved, the government of Scotland if honest has to require approval also from the new contractor MUIRHALL. Otherwise it is considered “bait and switch”.

The honest people of today’s Scottish government will support an approval procedure for, Muirhall Windy Edge, with a majority determining the outcome, not a single individual, in a dictatoral sense. Approved appeals such as North British Windpower NBW Fallago Rig, and Infinis Windy Edge, felt to be fixed by Scottish government officials; those officials will not show support for a non-fixed approval system, because they already know that if the approval system is not fixed that Windy Edge Wind Farm will not be approved.



Denholm drop in session re wind farms

Denholm village – Oct 12th 6-8pm (2017) in the small village hall
Denholm, Hawick Google map

Dear all
There are so many different wind farms being targeted at this area “Carpet Bombing”, it is becoming very confusing as to what actually is the state of play with the multitude of applications.

Windy Edge ..Muirhall  Consented   9 turbines (110 and 125m high)  .. Likely to see an application to increase the height

It was INFINIS, not Muirhall which was consented the 9 turbines.

Denholm drop in session re wind farms | Lilliesleaf, Ashkirk & Midlem …



Oct 9, 2017 – Greencoat Uk Wind . Operational 10 turbines (121.5 m high). Windy Edge ..MuirhallConsented 9 turbines (110 and 125m high) .. Likely to see an application to increase the height. In planning. Birneyknowe ..Banks ..15 Turbines 132 metres high. Heading to appeal. pre enquiry meeting due at the end of the …

Application approval to increase height is a way around trying to show that they are not approved. Only wind farm corporate industrially paid government officials would approve height increase.

Ask oneself; has a Scottish Border Wind Farm been repealed without an accepted appeal?

Hermitage Action Group;

Thanks; To THE HERMITAGE ACTION GROUP, and Malcolm McGregor Chair, and all the Gregors, in support in protecting the borderlands; The Reivers are taking over from you Gregor highlanders, by pitching in to protect the heritage of our own Border Homelands.



Rob Roy MacGregor Tartan, US; Buffalo Plaid, Chief Malcolm MacGregor who’s protecting his homeland married to Fiona Armstrong not same as Chair of Hermitage Action Group Malcolm McGregror who’s group has been protecting my border homeland of Gorrenberry, and The Hermitage Castle from Infinis (Muirhall), Windy Edge wind farm. Time for the Borders including Armstrong and Elliot to take on their own responsibility from these Mac/Mc Gregor highlanders, and defend again the border homeland.

Scottish Native Woodland created by Tilhill Forestry as part of major Jubilee project
At the end of the project, around 440,000 trees will have been planted at Gorrenberry Farm in the Hermitage Valley in the Scottish Southern Uplands.


At time of King James VI of Scotland become I of a united kingdom, MacGregor in highlands had disnaming proccess along with a year later in the borders with the Graham on English side of the Debatable lands (Reivers, Alistair Moffat pg 19). Though MacGregor as highlanders follow a pattern of leadership, Graham as border since leaders like Johnnie Armstrong where hung followed the border pattern of pitching and self leadership with inter communication with other border people along the borders. With displacement the border people were divided, and with the internet today they are reconnected.With the name Elwald which became Elliot on the borders of Scotland , also became Edward in England, as part of a disnaming process.

People in the UK may not have respect for my Scottish ancestors of Ulster Ireland came to America at the time of Oliver Cromwell.   Guess that is what one gets when they fought for reinstatement of king to Charles II.

West Lothian question


“The first slaves to work Barbados’ sugar cane plantations were Scottish, not African. Mostly POWs from the 17th-century civil war in England, they were shipped to Barbados by Cromwell as “indentured servants,” although the terms of their servitude weren’t honored.

The Scots were ill-adapted to the Caribbean climate and treated as poorly as the Africans who came after. Even after emancipation in 1854, they fared poorly, welcomed neither by White society nor Black. Today, many of their ancestors, most of whom live in St John’s district, don’t know about their forebears. The poor don’t leave records; their identity is lost to history.”


Wind Mill Plantations in St Andrew’s Parish, Scotland, Barbados where Cromwell sent the Scots;




Guy Hewitt: Barbados remembers Scots heritage on St Andrew’s Day  by GUY HEWITT 11/30/2016


St Andrew a parish in the Scotland region of Barbados, and also the patron saint of Barbados.

Prisoners from the Battles of Dunbar (1650) and Worcester (1651)

To me though my family were Royalist, and supported Charles II over Cromwell, and would do so today. Remember my family marries Irish Catholics, and at the time granddad Daniel Ellot (Elliot), was of Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, an Anglican-Hamilton estate, and it is felt that Alexander Hamilton’s family went through the same; it is felt this is really hitting the Royalty which does not like wind farms also below the belt, and I am an American.

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

Guess some people get a laugh at it, but its;

The Scottish Trail of Tears

Barbados-POW Scots 1650

Prince Charles endorses wind power in new film at Sundance Festival 29 Apr 2012

“the commitment to working with nature’s freely-given forms and clean energy” and hailed Germany’s enthusiastic approach to wind-powered energy.

Solar panels can be hidden, unlike wind mills into their environment, much like in the western US making cell phone towers look like ponderosa pine trees to blend into their environment.

He said: “I recently flew over the German countryside where ancient buildings and castles now merge into a new landscape dotted with solar panels and wind turbines. I certainly support the commitment to working with nature’s freely-given forms and clean energy.” correction according to the reporter he did say wind turbines for Germany, though wind turbines, radio/cell towers, and power lines scar the surface, the wind mill is the most difficult to hide, like power, and pipe lines below surface.

Being from the US, and not of the UK, I kind of wonder if Prince Charles, like the name of the king my family fought as Royalist for which put me in today’s US; I kind of wonder if he is ever misquoted. Use to Nordic ski in Park City near Salt Lake City, many years ago, where the Sundance Film Festival. As a student of mining engineering at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake where the Later Day Saints, pre web days had the largest archive of genealogical materials toured an underground mine there which had a flat belt hoist. Park City Venture a lead, zinc, and silver cut and fill mine below the workings of the old Ontario mine. Underground structure though massive, far less of a destructive impact to the wild and human life on the surface than a wind generator. The old mining town was the basis from this tourist development, where it appears like people think mining of silver with lead and zinc, in the contact ore would be. Too over developed for me, one who once worked in underground mines. People which call themselves environmentalists which support this industrial development of wind turbines, are anti-environment, wild life, and humans have a difficult time living with these things, even for Prince Charles. One may disguise a cell phone tower in a city to look like a tree, but how do you disguise a windmill in the country to look like a tree?

My dad’s mom is a Spencer, and I am sure ready for a son of a Spencer, a Stewart/Stuart, that of William a good Gorrenberry name to be on the throne again. Both my dad and Diana are not around any more. They sure did not like the number thirteen.

Even Buck (Buccleuch of Walter Scot fame) is said to be of the same Charles II, a Stuart/Stewart as Diana.





This article as one can see was posted pre-incident in May;

It was easily forecasted what was going to happen since no one on the Northern British Windpower NBW came out against it.

Christopher Wilkins of Redheugh, Michael Kerr of Ferniehirst (The 13th Marquess of Lothian), and Guy Innes-Ker, Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe) all been of North British Windpower NBW, did not oppose Guy Hand’s Infinis or it’s sell to Muirhall.



Because what happen to Fallago Rig;


Fallago Rig Enquiry Court Reporter Inkling-Blots

Dukes lose battle over Fallago Rig windfarm

Wonder if The North British Windpower NBW gang is against the Chinese State from putting a wind farm next to the Hermitage Castle.

True reivers keep on riding in defense of their border fort.

Felt since I pre-posted about a week before the Scottish Government to allow the Chinese State to encroach on a borders fort; Articles posted in early June may give more perspective on situation;

From BBC; Windy Edge wind farm appeal succeeds 9 June 2016

Also link in;



A wind farm threatens our landscape

added 8/28/2016

Scot Gov Approves INFINIS Windy Edge of Hermitage Castle

But not Muirhall.


Fallago Rig is an example of the work of The Scottish Government, and North British Windpower NBW, Redheugh, Ferniehirst and Cessford old rivals of Buccleuch.


From Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser; Windy Edge not place for turbines says council

From Berwick Advertiser; Fallago Rig Wind Turbines Start Turning

Info in TelegraphDuke of Northumberland: an unlikely hero;

More info from TelegraphThe aristocrats cashing in on Britain’s wind farm subsidies

Though the Duke of Northumberland refuses wind farm on his land along the English side of the borders, Redheugh, Ferniehirst, and Cessford all of North British Windpower, before being sold to EDF Energy as a coallition, could be feuding still with large land holder and old rival Buccleuch, who has been proposing a large wind farm. Border aristocrats in the past have competed for power which means money, even at the destruction of their own lands and the borderlands. If Northumberland, could help the border rival aristocrat in Scotland come to some sort of agreement in preservation, maybe they will not destroy their own lands for their family futures and that of the people of the border.

BBC; Fallago Rig wind farm development sold 2 February 2012

For over five centuries the Clan Armstrong and Buccleuch, along with the Ellot (ie Elliot) have been protecting The Hermitage Castle.

Fall ago Rig has been one of the more controversial wind farms erected in Berwickshire.

There was considerable local opposition, and Scottish Borders Council rejected it.

It took two public inquiries before the Scottish Government eventually gave wind farm developers North British Windpower the go ahead in November 2010 to build the farm on land owned by the Duke of Roxburgh.

Bewickshire NewsFallago Rig Wind Turbines Start Turning

Clan Armstrong;

Clan Armstrong through their Scottish Trust and Armstrong through out the world are protecting The Hermitage Castle. This response is of The Armstrong of they United States.

Borders,  know to protect the heritage of the borderlands, is protecting the heritage of those of the borderlands, in former English Plantations of Ulster and around the world.



Borderland Scots with also Borderland English, are now re-linked Globally through the internet, to their border homeland, and their first step, the Ulster Plantation.  Acting individually with similar values, we create one strong arm.

Fiona Armstrong;


One of its best-known members (Clan Armstrong Trust) is BBC newsreader Fiona Armstrong who told us: “Yes, I know of this story and having filmed at Hermitage many times I would not like to see a wind farm there.”

“With the Clan Armstrong Trust, I set up the Reiver Trail five years ago and that takes in Hermitage. Many people use the trail, especially from abroad when they come to trace their borderland roots, and I fear a wind farm will not add to the magic of the area.”

“I am not against wind farms per se – although I do have some doubts about their efficiency – but they have to be situated in the right place.”

Read more from Southern ReporterReivers Author Would Have Fought To Save Hermitage


United States of America, a former English Plantation is in celebration the hundredth anniversary of their US National Park System which protects their ancestral-archaeological-historical heritage. One example for over a 100 years is Chaco Canyon, which visitors around the world visit;

NM USA hosts international visitors


Duke of Buccleuch;


The Buccleuch family estates has been protecting the Hermitage Castle for over five hundred years and are still protecting it today.

To the south of the castle is the Langholm Estate, part of Buccleuch Estates, which is lodging an objection. ‘To pollute the landscape backdrop of the castle with all its power to evoke the history and heritage of the Scottish Borders would be nothing short of vandalism,’ stresses The Duke of Buccleuch. His hydrocarbons and minerals director, Mark Oddy, agrees: ‘This is one of the most important buildings of its kind in Scotland, and our feeling is that this proposal will destroy its setting forever.

From Country LifeWind Farm Battle Over Scottish Castle

Old rivals (Redhuegh-Clan Elliot Chief, Ferniehirst-Clan Kerr Chief, and Cessford-Duke of Roxburghe) of the Armstrong and Buccleuch with the assistance of The Scottish Government out of profits and power, and of an old feud with Buccleuch are trying to destroy the heritage of the borderlands, and the importance of a major historical-archaeological-antiquity in resemblance, of a people of a Scottish Border Homeland living in the Plantation in a land the “sun would never set on”.















Redheugh (Clan Elliot Chief);


NBW is chaired by another Better Together donor, Christopher Wilkins, a former soldier with links to MI6, who recently gave £10,000.

Both Fraser and Wilkins are also significant shareholders in NBW.

From heraldscotlandNo Vote Donors Caught In Wind Farm Payments Row

The Kerr;

Cessford (Duke Roxburghe), and Ferniehirst (Clan Kerr chief);


Cessford and Ferniehirst are not representing the border Kerr.

Philip Kerr chairs Chesters in opposition to another Infinis Wind Farm in the borderlands, and the Duke of Buccleuch is married to a Kerr. Yes, the Duchess of Buccleuch is a Kerr.

Fall ago Rig has been one of the more controversial wind farms erected in Berwickshire.

There was considerable local opposition, and Scottish Borders Council rejected it.

It took two public inquiries before the Scottish Government eventually gave wind farm developers North British Windpower the go ahead in November 2010 to build the farm on land owned by the Duke of Roxburgh.

From Berwickshire NewsFallago Rig Wind Turbines Start Turning

Redheugh (Clan Eliott), Ferniehirst (Clan Kerr) and Cessford (Clan Ker-), are using acquisitions of money through North British Wind Power NBW, to get power, wealth and position over old border foes, Buccleuch, and Northumberland which are heroes protecting the borderlands from industrial encroachment such as NBW Fallago Rig, and Infinis (Muirhall) Windy Edge. NBW Fallago Rig, and Infinis (Muirhall) Windy Edge have been both approved of over the objections of the borderlanders, and The Scottish Border Council SBC, being superseeded by the Scottish Government with minimum number making the decision.  Wonder if their families are over the borderlands, or have corporate (wind farm)-governmental (Scottish) influences making up their decision process?

Utilizing the authority of  one or few individuals of the Scottish Government to supersede the wishes of many on the border, and many border ancestors spread throughout the world; those few of course can not be corrupted by North British Windpower NBW or Infinis Windy Edge and their Scottish Governmental supervisors, can they?

Note: There are the heroes in defending the borderlands from North British Windpower NBW, with strong links to Scottish Government;

Duke of Northumberland: an unlikely hero in the fight against wind farms

Ralph Percy, the 12th Duke of Northumberland, has emerged as the unlikely people’s hero in the fight against wind farms spreading across Britain.

From TelegraphDuke of Northumberland an unlikely hero in the fight against wind farms

Clan Eliott


If Clan Elliot was truly allied to Clan Armstrong they would come out in support of The Clan Armstrong Trust. Since they haven’t they are feuding with the Scott, and we know what good could can come from it.

Being an Elliott; I am proud to say that I as Elliot in past is riding as reiver with the Armstrong and Buccleuch to defend The Hermitage Castle, from Infinis (Muirhall) Windy Edge wind farm supported by North British Windpower NBW, therefor the Scottish Government, and old rivals of Buccleuch; Redheugh, the aristocratic Kerr; Cessford and Ferniehirst.

Mark S. Elliott    5/30/2016


“This will trash the area for tourism”

2 Feb 2016 / David Knox, News Editor


Is Guy Hands trying to add Infinis (Muirhall) Windy Edge to the portfolio to increase the price?

Given Moody’s; Moody’s changes outlook on Infinis’s B1 ratings to negative; confirms ratings  Global Credit Research – 18 Dec 2015

Environmental Finance; Infinis to be sold ‘in three chunks’ 18 April 2016

Guy Hands is again trying to sell his UK renewables business, Infinis, and is understood to be prepared to break it up into three chunks to help flush out buyers, Environmental Finance has learned.

Added 6/24/2016

Infinis not Muirhall Windy Edge appeal;

Infinis Windy Edge appeal



From BBC; Windy Edge wind farm appeal succeeds 9 June 2016

A wind farm rejected by a council as “incongruous and anachronistic”

incongruous; not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something (wind turbine array next to a medieval castle ). 
anachronistic; something that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing that belongs to an earlier time ( wind turbine in contrast to the Hermitage Castle).  10/15/2016

has been approved on appeal. The nine-turbine Windy Edge project south of Hawick has been given the green light by a Scottish government reporter. Scottish Borders Council rejected the plans about a year ago due to concerns over its effect on the landscape. A reporter found it would have “no unacceptable environmental impacts” and ruled it could proceed. The project attracted more than 300 letters of opposition, along with more than 100 in support of the scheme.

Image (Hermitage Castle) caption;
A reporter found the development would not have an impact on nearby Hermitage Castle

Planning officials recommended refusal and councillors voted by six to two to reject the proposals. Supporters of the scheme claimed the turbines would have less of an impact on the landscape than forestry, and that it would help combat climate change. Now the Scottish government reporter has decided the project can go ahead. He concluded the development “would not impact on the setting” of the nearby Hermitage Castle and chapel.

Windy Edge wind farm BBC News

Google “BBC Windy Edge”;


Succeeds June 9, 2016;


Rejected June 29, 2015;



Note; 2012 North British Windpower NBW became EDF Energy

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

windfarmaction picture worth a 100 words

windfarmaction; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words;

EDF Energy Renewables Ltd bought out North British Windpower Ltd at the beginning of 2012.

24 May 2013 – EDF Energy was handed £1.45 million between April 29 and May 15 to shut down turbines on the Fallago Rig wind farm.

MSE 7/17/2016

UK: 22.5MW Windy Edge approved on appeal Fri Jun 10 2016, 16:53 PM

A nine-turbine development is planned

Infinis’ (not Muirhall) 22.5MW Windy Edge has been approved on appeal. Scottish Borders Council refused permission in June 2015, but the Scottish Government has now approved it. The nine-turbine project is planned for a site near Hawick, southern Scotland.

MSE 7/17/2016

THE SOUTHERN REPORTER: Tide of criticism over Infinis stock flotation Nov 1, 2013

Tide of criticism over Infinis stock flotation

Is a false history written by Infinis worth promises of corporate dividends?

Despite the Scottish Government ‘guidance’ of £5,000 per installed MW, which has been indicated as the going rate, Infinis are only prepared to offer £3,500 per installed MW, claiming that ‘there was not enough money in the kitty’, and the level was set centrally.

Read more: http://www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk/news/tide-of-criticism-over-infinis-stock-flotation-1-3166469#ixzz4Egehxe00

7/17/2016 MSE

FINANCIAL TIMES; Terra Firma eyes exit from flagship green bet Infinis

FINANCIAL TIMES; Terra Firma eyes exit from flagship green bet Infinis;
Guy Hands’ private equity group exploring Infinis Energy stake sale DECEMBER 15, 2014 by: John Aglionby and Robin Wigglesworth    added 8/5/2016 MSE

EDF Energy buys controversial Scottish wind farm


French EDF buys Scottish Borders North British Windpower

EDF Energy buys controversial Scottish wind farm

By Diarmaid Williams
International Digital Editor

French utility EDF has increased its involvement in the Scottish renewable energy market after purchasing North British Windpower in the Scottish Borders.

BBC; Fallago Rig wind farm seeks operational life extension 10 February 2016

From the section South Scotland

7/18/2016 MSE

EDF Energy Renewables Takes Over Scottish Wind Farm, Buys Owner

With North British Windpower NBW, EDF gets Fallago Rig wind farm.

EDF Energy purchases North British Windpower NBW with Fallago Rig

7/22/2016 MSE



Individual Mark Stephen Elliott, did not intend to be in situation like this;
Genealogy is a hobby of mine, and am one which searches and seeks, a Quaker.

So sign on The Church of Later Day Saints Family History Library, on west side of Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA states;

Find Your Ancestors - Find Yourself


This R-U106 Daniel Elliot Group, which left testimony with Salem Witch Trials and holds true today, got me interested in tracing my Y-DNA;

line of fathers Y-DNA chromosome

Which meant from father to father, also passing through the Y-Chromosome the characteristics of the father. My father Loren Spencer Elliott was a excellent genealogist, and he died Jan 22 of this year, but felt I did better, which was quite a compliment.

Research I did is included in;

Proto-Germanic R-U106 haplogroup DNA Elwald-Elliot

You might like to look at the picture of Hermitage Castle …… of this page – study it for a while and then imagine that some avaricious power company called Infinis  (now Muirhall) wants to destroy 1000 years of history and heritage by sticking up wind turbines taller than the Forth Bridge in it’s environs , – is there nothing that people wont destroy for a quick buck?

Guess David P. Elliot is family, and though being from New Mexico, USA am a Hawick (pronounce hoik) Man. Hawick is the town near Elwald-Ellot-Elliot surname evolution, and has the greatest number, per capita with the surname Elliot.

David P. Elliot; Figured out why the Hermitage Castle is haunted. When they torn down the towers of Gorrenberry, and Hartsgrath, the spirit of The Cowie, and Kidd’s spirit of Kidd’s curse had nowhere to go, but to The Hermitage Castle. The family of Gorrenberry was banished from both kingdoms, and the family of Kidd’s became the line of the chieftain. One can imagine how well they may be getting along in The Hermitage Castle. At least I do not live as close to the Hermitage as you do.


MSE 9/20-21/2016 and 11/2/2016


These people of the Gorrenberry Farms;

Gorrenberry Jubilee Wood

Hermitage Castle – by Richard Oram,University of Stirling, Gorrenberry Jubilee Wood


Gorrenberry Estate 2011-2012. Introduction. Background. Gorrenberry is an ecological restoration project which aims to restore much of the biodiversity…

along with Clan Armstrong, and Buccleuch;“Buck”, Richard Scott, are trying to preserve the Borders nature of the land. They are concerned about maintaining the history and heritage of my families Scottish Homeland, and the Homeland of many borderers planted through out the world.

Many great Dand (Andrew) Ellot was banish from both nations ca 1608, moved on likely with Redheugh-Hamilton relation to Hamilton-Somerville lease of Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland (name became; Daniel Elliot) about 1610 as Anglia-Church of Ireland-Episcopalian, much like Buccleuch is today. Like being on border of England marrying English women, in Ireland likely married Irish women, so when the Irish Rebellion of  1642, they thought we were Irish.

Fought to reinstate King Charles II (Earl of Buccleuch beginnings), against Cromwell, and was imprison to Tutthill Field Prison, Westminster, London.

A seaman offered ca 1650 an indenture-ship plus working as a boatswain to the America Plantation.

But other Scots, and Quaker were Barbados as map shows;


The Red-leg Scot especially in St Andrew Parish with of the Anglia Church which is still prominent today in Barbados, and their ancestors still of Scotland like me still exist.

Of Gorrenberry, and the Elwald line recognize by Clan Armstrong, but not Redheugh-Eliott, so today, given my Scandinavian beginning as sharing similar values with the Armstrong, that is what I am. The vanquished Gorrenberry, is now apart of the unvanquished Armstrong.

Mark Elliott   6/27/2016

 I as an American, trying to stop a wind farm near his ancestral, land to promote the preservation, of an historical antiquity of UK a national antiquity the Hermtiage Castle is not like another American trying to stop a wind farm at a Scottish golf course.

Stopping wind farm at Hermitage Castle is difference than Golf Resort

Above photo also used  in BBC article;

In search of Donald Trump’s Scottish roots
9 March 2016

“It’s not fashionable, but in Lewis our main passion is a bloodsport… genealogy,” he went on. “You know, ‘Who are your people?’ So we’re very proud of the people who have an impact on the wider world.”

Stephen Smith is culture correspondent for BBC Newsnight. You can watch his report on iPlayer (UK only)

bloodsport…..genealogy; Those people of Lewis Island, Scotland are after my own heart.


Besides there are Elwood on Lewis Island, and I feel the name came from Martin Elwood (Ellot) of Braidley where Infins Windy Edge wind farm is to be built.


7/20/2016 MSE

Basically, my family moved up to borders, and defended the Hermitage Castle. The king of Scotland became the king of England, and Scotland, and he did not no longer need a border, so we were banished from both his kingdoms, and move on to the Ulster Plantation of Northern Ireland. Then we fought for Charles II, and ended indentured to Puritans in the English Plantation of America.

Now I live in New Mexico, and some people think we are of Mexico, but New Mexico, is the 46th as of 1912 state in the United States. Trying to defend the Hermitage Castle, because it is being turned over to the Chinese, and wondering if there are still any borderers left to keep on riding like our ancestors the reivers and defend their homeland The Borderlands?  8/13/2016  Mark Elliott

These guys taught me not to pronounce Hawick, not as hay-wick, but as hoik. Really do not want to admit I like these, guys, besides being a bunch of YES men, they wear black kilts without tartans. Guess they are a bunch of my ancestors, call borderers. They noted families leaving the borderlands.  Good that people from the old land are preserving heritage.

Hope they understand, that the son of Queen Mary of Scots, James, and his Middle Shires, granddad Dand (Andrew) Ellot (Elliot), was banished from both kingdoms,  for defending The Hermitage Castle,  and now I am now trying to defend the old fort from invasion by the Chinese.  MSE Sept 3, 2016


Profits sag 8% at Infinis Energy as wind drops, while Scottish nuclear power policy row hits Holyrood


9/19/2016 MSE

It is difficult for me being of The Religious Society of Friends to have to defended the fort like my ancestors before being banished by border pacification, trying to protect my United Kingdom Armstrong family from corporate industrial aggression, from a single, corporate hierarchical entity, and the  Chinese Government. One would think with their background and experience, that the North British Windpower NBW gang would like to defend their border homeland;

Christopher Wilkins of Redheugh, Michael Kerr of Ferniehirst (The 13th Marquess of Lothian), and Guy Innes-Ker, Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe) all been of North British Windpower NBW now EDF, and haven’t oppose Guy Hand’s Infinis Windy Edge wind farm.

Question is Traitor or Hero?

Mark Elliott 9/23/2016

One can just look at my 12 marker map, on Family Tree DNA, and see that I am Germanic-Scandinavian, with concentrations in Ulster and Scotland, where people who moved off the Borders at the time of Union went.


Being from the United States and descended from Elliot, of the Hawick region, with my writing I am border reiving from a foreign nation into the United Kingdom to help family. Redheugh, has MI6 links, so from with-in the United Kingdom, it is pretty well controled. Feel it may be difficult for MI6 to claim because I am member of The Society of Friends, that I belong to a terrorist group called Quakers.

Feel that Quakerism may have evolved out of the same self lead Scandinavian values of the people on The Borders. It seems that with today’s politicians, that to win office they take a lot of money from corporations, in the demeaning of each other and working inconflect, when decissions are made who do you thinks makes them?

Feel the average Joe would do better, and know the United Kingdom Armstrong share similar values with me and each other. So if the United Kingdom Armstrong decided to pitch-in and others which are self lead the reivers, a lot more would get done for families instead of corporations. With reivers spread in all parts of the world, this would become international, like it has become for the allied reiving Clan the Crozier.

You know I can not see how it can be stopped. Reivers do not have leaders, because they would have been killed off by one of the kingdoms, like the idea to protect the reiver’s fort The Hermitage Castle has been killed off by both the England and Scottish Kingdoms, and these are the kingdoms which got together, and banish reivers from the borderlands.

So if you pitch-in and support The Armstrong, you are following the reiver philosophy of the past, being self lead, by not  being dictated to by the corporate structure, by defending family and heritage.

Mark Stephen Elliott   9/25/2016

Family tried to soldier the fort the Hermitage, so there could be a Scotland but Jame Hepburn-Bothell, of the Hermitage, had an affair with Mary Queen of Scots, and they had a son James, which became king of a United Kingdom, and granddad Dand (alias for Andrew) Ellot was banish from both kingdoms in 1608.

From Ulster, we fought against Cromwell, guess the local Irish did not care for Cromwell also. We lost fighting for King Charles II, and the best we could get in 1650 was to work as a boatswain, aboard a BOAT TO AMERICA, with an agreed indenture ship to Cromwellian Puritans. Guess we took in about 1650 our Scottish heart with.

I guess I have to admit that I found my people in Hawick (pronounced hoik).

Mark Elliott 9/25/2016

Hawick’s lost The Auld Mid Raw. Is the world going to loose the Hermitage Castle to wind power?

The Auld Mid Raw.


Note; The Hawick dialog may be …people twenty miles (32 km) away find it impenetrable…, for someone like Alastair Moffat, from Kelso town, living near Shelkirk,


but it is not impenetrable to someone from Gallup, New Mexico, USA.

Bordering on………….

This life is but a shiftin’ scene,
=The world gaes circlin’ roon’,
And Time’s brought many changes
=To oor ain auld toon.
New fashions tak’ the causa croon,
=The auld gae to the wa’,
And we maun bid a last farewell
=To the auld Mid Raw.

What memories crood upon my brain,
=Familiar forms I see,
The auld sae decent and sae douce,
=The young sae fu’ o’ glee.
How mony buirdly chiels were born,
=And lasses trig and braw,
Aneath the pendit arches
=O’ the auld Mid Raw.

Oh! had thae rugged stanes a tongue
=What sermons they could preach.
What tales the mouldering rafters tell
=Had they the power o’ speech.
When news o’ Flodden’s day o’ dule
=Made dark baith hut and ha’,
And hapless widows mourned the brave
=In the auld Mid Raw.

What …………… Mid Raw.

In Winter nights when Johnnie Frost
=Hath sealed baith dub and mire,
The yoke-a-tulie rankit up,
=And doon the Loan like fire
The leader of the train got oft
=A crackit croon to claw,
Against the battered gable
=O’ the auld Mid Raw.

O ruthless Time; your hand has press’d
=Fu’ heavy on my brow,
And Left me little of the past
=That can give pleasure now.
But I wad gi’e the gathered gear
=That’s in yon lordly ha
To be a laddie racing roond
=The auld Mid Raw.

Away, away, fond Memory,
=Improvement’s march go on;
Why should one relic of the past
=Be left to stand alone?
Old age may sigh, though youth may laugh,
=As cherished ido’s fa’;
Farewell, Farewell to hearth and hame
=In the auld Mid Raw.

10/2&10/2016 MSE

james-thomson-hawick james-thomson-hawick


Words of the nineteenth century for preservation, of the Auld Mid Raw, hold truth in the twenty-first century for preservation of the Hermitage Castle.

10/7/2016 MSE



Many a Plantation family in a world the sun never sat on, were Born in the Borders.

Born In The Borders was commissioned by John Henderson to celebrate the opening of the Born In The Borders visitor centre at Lanton Mill, Jedburgh.

Lori Watson—Born in the Borders


Reiving shaped these shifting lands
From River Tweed to Solway Sands
Loyal to the Border bands
Strong hearts born in the borders
O the green valleys, o
Where the beech and barley grow
My heart swells at the sight of
The beauty that’s Born in the Borders
O the green valleys, o
The green valleys, o
There’s naught but care in every hand
That spins the yarn or ploughs the land
That deftly loves the making and
The craft that’s born in the borders
O the green valleys, o …
He catches her eye, she lights a flame
The world will never seem the same
They catch their breath and make their claim
A love that’s born in the borders
There’s boldness in beauty, there’s laughter in love
Rich earth below (and) bright skies above
There’s crafting a life from the best you have
New beginnings are born in the borders
O the green valleys, o
Where the beech and barley grow
My heart swells at the sight of
The beauty that’s Born in the Borders
O the green valleys, o
Where Tweed and Teviot flow
My heart swells at the sight of
The beauty that’s Born in the Borders
O the green valleys, o
The green valleys, o

No more wind turbines in Borders Iain H. Scott

It Takes A Lot Of Concrete (To Make A Wind Farm Grow)

The Telegraph; UK Wind Farm Map

10/8/2016 MSE

Hawick ground zero for

Elliott are greatest number by far of all Elliot variants;


Elliot of Hawick;


Elliot concentration at Public Profiler


Given 1881 census data, shows for all Elliott, Elliot, Eliot, and Eliott, the greatest concentration, of the name per 100,000, is in the Liddesdale-Hawick region.


Douglas gives similar distribution;

Hope  the people of the United Kingdom will forgive, my family, from stretching the truth a bit. Many great granddad, Andrew (Dand), was accused in the slaughter of a Hugh Douglas, and Buccleuch hid him away. He had a son Clementis Hob (today’s language adopting uncle Clement Crozier’s Robert Elliott), lived in Gorrenberry, and his father went down to visit. Since it was a region of a lot of Douglas, the family made up a story of this brownie, they called Cowie. After Clementis Hob son Andrew (Dand) Ellot was banish and went onto the Ulster Plantation to Tullykelter, Fermanagh, and became Daniel Elliott. An Adam Elliot family south of the Hermitage Castle, in Schaws, kept the story of The Cowie of Gorrenberry going, and when he died off it was felt us Gorrenberry Elliot(t) were extinct, but R-U106 is unique for a Elliot(t). Daniel Elliot 1692 of Salem, Massachusetts, of the American Plantation,  left testimony that the accusers; girls were doing it out of sport. None of the Harvard educated judges seem to believe him. Do not recognize whether anyone believes me today, but I search for self. The Douglas are good folk and happy to have this close relation with them.








Robert Elwald (ie Ellot) family squire received land form Archibald Bell the Cat Douglas in late 15th century.


Double L and single T The Elliots of Minto and Wolfelee;



Eliott of Redheugh;

Single L and double T The Elliots of Stobs do dwell;




Armstrong of Langholm;

The army strand along the Liddel Water, of Debatable Land to the Irish border of Fermanagh, Ulster.


Border Armstrong became Fermanagh, Ulster Armstrong, and border Elliot became Fermanagh, Ulster Elliott.



Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell



For the Liddel Water Little, surname adoption took place along the lines of the armystrand Armstrong.


Also Border Little (from Liddel) became Fermanagh, Ulster Little.

Also the Graham which had their towers, on the other (English) side of the borders from the Armstrong;




Though people of the Fairbairn family Y-DNA I-M253 took on surnames in the Debatable lands of Armstrong and Little, along the Scottish eastern border the people of the Fairbairn family took the surname Fairbairn.



Fairbairn and Hume in nearly same region.


Surname distribution shows localities, likely near where the greater part of the surname is adopted for Elliot, Eliott, and Armstrong.

Minto, Hawick, and Wolfelee are all near each other in the ground zeor region for the surname spelled Elliot.

USA Elliot Clan Society;



Forebear stats on Elliot surname;


What’s an Elliott of Clan Elliot?

Anguilla Island in the Caribbean for Cromwellian indentures;


Norfolk Island, a penal colony in the Pacific;


Mark Elliott   10/8/2016

Crozier, allied to Armstrong & Elliot;

crozier-uk-1 crozier-uk-2


Nixon, UK;


It’s been over four centuries. It is good to have the Armstrong, Elliot, Crozier, Nixon, Ker, Kerr, Scott, Douglas, Hume, Hunter,hunter-uk

Johnston(e), Maxwell, Burns, Bell, Thompson, Elwood, Ellwood, Forster, Rutherford, Young, Watson, Gill, Bailie, Dickson, Ruthwrford and supporting clans back together again, defending the Hermitage Castle from destruction of kingdoms foreign to the borderlands.












The name Eliot mainly French-Breton, but also of English-St Germain across the channel, has French Aliot origins. The border name Ellot, which became Elliot with and inserted “i“, always when properly spelled had a double “l“.

Distribution concentration for UK Eliot is;


Where Eliot is concentrated in Scotland the above concentration of Eliot is likely carried with the Breton French north, Eliot itself added an extra “l” to make Elliot influencing the spelling of Ellot around the time of the English Civil War, where Sir John Elliot died in the Tower of London ca 1650, by inserting an “i” into Ellot to make Elliot.

It should be noted that some of these surnames are extremely large compared to others, and it is felt for reiving; independent self leading with shared values, the Armstrong still have the numbers.

Should be noted that Hunter is occupational, and have various origins, but it is felt that the hunters and foresters both occupational and of the forest, like the elwald-ellot utilize the horn and a shield with  horns on it, are of English middle march clan. Because of a resettlement policy between the kingdoms of Scotland and England, nine Hunters were welcomed to Scotland in 1540 from Tyndale.

Forster, Rutherford, and Dickson;






10/14/2016 MSE

10/11&13/2016 MSE

Genealogical notes;

In Scotland, was having difficulties with the genealogy, because people who were proposing a wind farm; Infinis (sold to Muirhall), Windy Edge, on the Pre-Union, Bothwell-Braidlie lease, just to the east of Gorrenberry farms were distorting things.


Note; Led by Martin Elliot of Braidley, near the Hermitage Castle,…(rf The Border Reivers by Alistair Moffat page 226).

Gorrenberry was a grain (part) of Martin’s group.

Bothwell, James Hephburn husband to Mary Queen of Scots; lease land of Braidley, combined with lands of the Gorrenberry Ellot, after The Union they became part of a Buccleuch lordship of Gorrenberry.

If there is any questions whether I know these guys including Buccleuch; Richard Scott; the following will give you the understanding why I prefer those notorious Armstrong like Fiona.

These guys;

Christopher Wilkins of Redheugh, Michael Kerr of Ferniehirst (The 13th Marquess of Lothian), and Guy Innes-Ker of Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe) all been of North British Windpower NBW, did not oppose Guy Hand’s Infinis, of which the Armstrong in their Trust did;



Crosar (Crozier), Grame (Graham), and Forstar (Forster) listed.

On 20th September, 1484, Angus (Archibald “Bell the Cat” Douglas fifth earl of Angus) again executed a precept directed to “Walter Scot de Edshan (of Edschaw, son of David Scot of Buccleuch), Radulpho Ker, fratri (brother) Wateri (Walter) de Cesfurd (Walter Ker of Cessford, and brother Radulpho, a Scandinavian name like Ralph or Rudolph, Kerr likely of recently built Ferniehirst) et (and) Willielmo (William) Elwaldo (Elwald-Ellot) de goranbery (Gorrenberry)” to infeft (in the act of receiving lands) Robert Elwald of the Redheuch (Redheugh) in the 20 merk lands of Over and Nether (Under), “Larrostane” (Larriston)

10/13/2016 M.S. Elliott


horsleyhill-gorrenberry-larriston-line meg-helen-kidd-3  slaughter-of-hassidene-1 slaughter-of-hassidene-2

Note; That the family line of Horsleyhill is of Larriston and Gorrenberry. Gilbert of Redheugh, family to become Stobs was the responsibility of Gavin of Gorrenberry, and Jean Scot sister to Buccleuch, but widow to Robert of Redheugh. William is which would be first of Larriston, then of Hartsgrath of lands listed in sasine/deeds when Robert Elwald was infefted with lands of Redheugh, Hartsgrath, and Over and Nether Larristion.
So the children to the mitress of Robet of Redheugh brother to Martion, included a William of Lariton, a Gilbert of Larriston to become of Stobs then Redheugh, a Margaret named after Margaret Kidd, and today’s Redheugh of the Eliott Stobs line is a Margaret also, and does not have to fear Kidd’s curse.
In the slaughter of David Scot of Hassendeen a Scot rode with the Elliot and was decapitated. Archibald Elliot, brother to Gavin, married to Jean Scot the sister of Buccleuch lived because he was said to be to young. It should be noted that the judge is Buccleuch, and the jury for the prosecution is made up of a lot of Scot, and the jury for the defense is made up of a lot of Douglas. Though family was accused in the slaughter of a Hugh Douglas, it is difficult to be against the Douglas family with all the support they have given us, and the Scott family for their support also.


10/15/2016 MSE

Onto Ulster ‘We Ride’;

Iain Scott and David Chapman.

Scott+Chapman=Scocha (pronounced Scotia);


My likeness Germanic-Danish Y-DNA is more like Chapman;



Rich Rucker, Clan Armstrong DNA, Question

Migrating to Liddesdale.

SCOCHA-And We Ride;

Song endorsed by;

Clementis Hob and his father The Cowie of Gorrenberry.

From song; This poor land was yours and mine long before they ever drew the (border) line.

Note; line divided the border families, but the borderlands was a self governing nation, and not of the kingdoms.


Border Reivers; The ancestors of many Ulster Scots

UK Armstrong, with Buccleuch, Kinmont & Gorrenberry what more?

Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

Scottish’s Borders Middle March Clan Allies; Armstrong, Elliott, Crozier, and Nixon.

In Fermanagh, Ulster Ireland, today, and into Plantation’s past.

Today, the only trace of them in the popular consciousness is that many by the name of Armstrong or Elliott, Graham, Johnston or Bell are dimly aware,………….

10/16/2016 MSE

Rector of St Andrews;

The Moffat/BritainsDNA saga

It should be noted that the Armstrong, Elliot(t) and Fairbairn have a tendency of using the same forenames;


A scientist with the same name of my deceased brother Robert (Bob), a DNA  Daniel Elliot group specialist R.P. Elliot, and a foremost historian on the Liddesdale region a writer of harp music Robert Bruce Armstrong; well a scientist and with knowledge of Armstrong genealogical history, of St Andrews University a Robert (Bob) Armstrong came up with this;

The Armstrong Family and its Possible Flemish Origins

Hope it will not be held, against me with my self sponsorship of my genealogical website like my father Loren S. Elliott before me did somewhat in his own publications with an IBM PC compatible and his own publication using PC DOS, on a dot-matrix printer. Today I get to utilize the internet.

Rector of St Andrew in 1418 of John Elwald  which came out in support of pope Martin V, along with a William Croyser (Crozier/Crosser);


is felt to be a relative of mine. Hope it is not held against me be related to a rector of St Andrews. Scotland wanted its own University, and previous to St Andrews John Elwald was educated in France, (a lot of Douglas which were educated in France and died there), then educated in the foreign nation of England at a school called Oxford.

John Elwald did not like being rector, and the provost, Bothell (near Glasgow) an Archibald Douglas, got him a Canon of Glasgow, of the Shelkirk Regis, then he moved on towards the Debatable Land about in 1423, and became rector of Kirkandrews (church of St Andrews), of the Ninian diocese of Whithorne. This was previous to the Grahams placing their peel tower there. It seems like John Elwald liked it near this Debatable land as opposed to the poorer job of being rector of St Andrews. Would not wish it on anybody.
Mark Elliott 10/16/2016

Who killed Cessford ca 1525;

About the time of Gilnokockie; Johnnie Armstrong.
And the Archbishop of Glasgow’s, Curse on Reviers.

Was not Gilbert of Stobs, like Walter Scot said;


Likely said to ally Stobs (Redheugh) with Buccleuch.


Was not James Ellot, like Arthur Eliot past chief of Stobs/Redheugh said  because family family spelled their name Elwald in 1525.


But likely the same James Ellot with properly recorded name of James Elwald, by Robert Bruce Armstrong in his History of Liddesdale;


It is felt that James Elwald, and Walter Scott of Branxholme, are of a different criminal case which they were trying to kill James V in 1526, before he hung by betrayal Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie.

The criminal case Slaughter of the Laire of Cesford, does not contain names Elwald (Ellot/Elliot) or Scot(t).

10/23/2016 MSE

INFINIS (sold to Muirhall)


Chapter 9: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
Page 9-1
Windy Edge Wind Farm
Environmental Statement

9.4.8 Records of medieval activity focus mainly on settlement and agriculture amongst (among) the valleys within the lower reaches of the Inner Study Area and bordering its edges. They are dominated by Hermitage Castle which sits at the centre (center) of an extensive landscape of related features. The castle was founded in the 13th century with the present structure dating from the 14th to 16th century and is both a Scheduled Monument and a Listed Building (Figure 9.2: SM90161). It is regarded as one of the finest castles in the Borders, illustrating key developments in defensive architecture and had a prominent place in border conflicts throughout its occupation. In addition, it has significant associations with key characters in Scottish history, including Mary Queen of Scots, and also with the romanticising (romanticizing) of the Borders’ historic sites by Sir Walter Scott and JMW Turner in the early 19th century.
9.4.9 Features associated with the castle include a complex of earthworks west of the present castle, which may relate to an earlier castle or moated site, a chapel, also to the west, and a deer park on the hillside above the castle, to its north. The boundary of the park is represented by a feature known as the White Dyke (Figure 9.2: SBC-HER 3030147 & 3030065). The White Dyke was identified as a park boundary by the RCAHMS Liddesdale survey and recorded as stopping 200 m east of the Inner Study Area boundary and no westwards continuation was recorded. As any projected westwards continuation of the boundary might continue up to the Inner Study Area boundary, perhaps utilising (utilizing) the line of the Day Sike as part of the boundary circuit, this area of the Inner Study Area was subject to detailed walkover. Although some features were located in this part of the Inner Study Area, no features similar in character to the White Dyke were found. The features within this area consist of a small enclosure containing rig and furrow, two sections of bank, a possible small platform and several areas of quarrying (Figure 9.1: A4, A5, A6, A7 & A8). Most of these features are likely to be of medieval or early post-medieval date.
9.4.10 The medieval settlement of Sundhope (Figure 9.1: A14) lies mostly outwith the Inner Study Area, to the north-east of the present farmstead of the same name. Several extensive areas of pre-improvement settlement are visible as earthworks to the south and east of the present farm buildings, implying this settlement was probably more extensive than a single farmstead during the medieval period and may perhaps be better regarded as a clachan or township.
9.4.11 Additional features associated with pre-improvement settlement and land-use were recorded within the Inner Study Area during the walkover and from analysis of aerial photography. These consist of banks and enclosures, many containing rig and furrow (Figure 9.1: A1, A2 & A3), as well as two possible shieling sites (Figure 9.1: A9 & A15). Extensive remains of a pre-improvement landscape (Figure 9.1: A3) previously survived on Balderston Hill, north of Braidlie. The features on Balderston Hill were recorded from aerial photographs taken in 1948 and appear to have been largely plough-levelled since this date as few earthworks are visible on current aerial photography and no earthworks were observed in this area during the walkover survey.
9.4.12 The HER also records two drove routes of probable medieval origin running through the Inner Study Area (Figure 9.1: A12 & A16). These connect the valleys south of the Inner Study Area, via the uplands, to the valley of the Allan Water at the northern edge of the Middle Study Area; one (A12) runs through the centre (center) of the Inner Study Area near the Sundhope Burn, whilst the other (A16) is located in an area of commercial forestry in the eastern part of the site near Whitrope Burn.

One can see how Braidlie near where INFINIS  (now Muirhall) the Windy Edge (Braidlie-Hermitage Castle) wind farm is planned for. Though Windy Edge is the name of the wind farm, one would think that a large corporation such as INFINIS in their own report since the name of their wind farm is Windy Edge they would have at least a paragraph on it, and more on Braidlie which is very much closer to the planned location of the Windy Edge wind farm.

1/1/2017 MSE

Though I have found the Blaeu map from 1654 easier to read the labels on, decided to provide JACOBS map of Infinis (Muirhall) Windy Edge wind farm, and provide some label, so the map reader can understand where the wind farm is at.

4/30/2017 MSE
0:34 View of turbine site from B6399 Newcastleton – Hawick.

0:34 Site of 9 turbines from B6399 near Whitropefoot

0:41 Site of turbines viewed from Castleton Cemetery, B6357

7/20/2017 MSE   Muirhall revisions 10/03/2017 MSE

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