Ker Kerr Carr migration;

Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge

The Ker/Kerr/Carr, are beginning to respond, but for the good old days, of the Hermitage Castle when the Ker, Scot, Douglas, Elwald, Crosar, and Armstrong rode together need to get the Ker on board. Do not know whether it is the feud with the Scot, or their Norman as oppposed to Scandinavian influence, need to get these Ker out in force.

First of all about a third of the Ker are left-handed, and this is what left-handed means in German;

localties of left handers

Germany seems to be low in the number of left-handed people.

Kerr tartan

Marsh dwellers, well the US moose/UK elk are marsh dwellers;


The name Ker; seems to come from “marsh dweller”. The visually oriented Ker place, a “marsh dwelling elk” what Americans call a “moose”  top their arms.  The Elwald of Elch(elk) wald, showing similar Y-DNA are likely of the same group of people split where the “marsh dwelling elk” are returning (around Berlin) to today. The Ker, went north to Norway, then down to Normany, and the Elkwald (Elchwald) went to Anglia. This would be consider a family split (Danes) which returned together in Liddesdale. These families of Lancashire seeded not necessarily their Y-DNA, but  their surnames, which were likely adopted by the people without surnames in the Liddesdale and surrounding regions in Scotland.  MSE  11/21/2015

elg-elk-moose Kerr

European moose

Observe the coverage area of the European elk (moose).

The European elk (moose) looks more like what the Ker have on top of their crest than the American moose (UK elk).

Came to the conclusion that it is an European elk (moose) which originally was at the top of the crest for the Ker then it became a deer stag, because there were not any more European elk in the region. The name Elgwald (Elkwald) from lower Denmark, became Elfwald for the same reason.

Crest Shield Coat Ellot Ker

thenormans Ker migration

Above shows basic migration pattern for the Ker.

It should be noted, where the split takes place is approximate region where the marsh dwelling (Ker), elk (Elwald) are returning to on their ancient trails. Killing a marsh dwelling elk, is like borderers chasing down a cow. Both would feed a family of a peel tower.


localties of left handers Ker

Kerr Elwald migration

Y-DNA name distances Daniel modal

Information provided by Robert P. Elliott, in which it shows the Daniel Elliott modal, being as close to the Kerrs as the Eliot.


 Kerr name distribution of Norman migration

Above is felt to be the basic Ker migration from the south.

Kerr surname distribution Scotland 1891

Kerr surname distribution England 1891

The above indicates a strong Lancashire, border, and north border localities which you would expect for the Kerr.

Carr surname distribution Scotland 1891

Carr surname distribution England 1891

When the 1891 Carr are added it gives a strong Northumbrian locality the same as the Elwald and today’s Elliot would have.

  Elliot dist 1891 (2)Elliot dist 1891 (1)

Elliot distribution Northumbria

ScreenHunter_06 May. 19 00.56

Mark Elliott                                      1/20/2014


Given the above distribution it is found the Carr are found in Cottingham, East Riding Yorkshire, with the Elwald during the later part of the sixteenth century.

Cottingham Elwald Carr

Note the name Ellot is also being used in the region of East Riding Yorkshire, where the two names are also being used in conjunction in the Liddesdale region of Scotland.

A Carre gave a history of the Elliot, and it is felt it is my turn to respond;

The Elliot Family Carre

Arthur Eliott calls it a baton, and Walter Carr calls it a batten.

Redheugh and Stobs shields crests

It is an elwand like the Elwald/Elwand previous to what the Ellot were called.

A Scottish elwand is a unit of measurement standardized in Edinburgh, longer than the English yard, but shorter than the French metre.

The Scottish elwand is a wand (in English; rod), a Scottish ell (an ell is a biblical measurement which many christian countries had their own ell which were of various lengths) in length.

The Elwald/Elwand came up north through Northumbria, this could be much like the Carr did as opposed to the Kerr, then went to Northern Northumbria which became Scotland. The Elwald being in Northern Northumbria at the time it became Scotland, then became at the time they the northern Elwald became Scottish.

Arbirlot (meaning arbor lot) is another word for arboretum or orchard, that is were the name Arbirlot came from.

There is a Carr Hall south of where is found a Robert Elwald of 1305.

 Barton, Rimington, Carr Hall, Lancashire Co, UK

But looking at the Carr distribution pattern;

Carr surname distribution blue

And given;


It has a distribution pattern of a clan being resettled at the time of THE UNION OF THE CROWNS.


Mark Elliott    1/21/2014

Named Public Profiler

ScreenHunter_06 May. 19 00.56kerr-uk


Cessford was not killed by Gilbert of Stobs;

Though Walter Scot seems to say Cessford is kill by Gilbert  of Stobs, Stobs did not exist at time, it is felt Walter Scot may have stated this to get the Stobs line to ally themselves with Buccleuch.


Arthur Eliott of Stobs/Redheugh father of present Elliot Can chief Margaret Eliott feels it is an James Ellot.


At the time of Cessford’s death the Ellot/Elliot family was using the name Elwald. Robert Bruce Armstrong in History of Liddesdale, feel it is an James Elwald.


10/23/2016 MSE


Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian, Ferniehirst Kerr Chief
Guy David Innes-Ker, 10th Duke of Roxburghe, of Cessford Ker

It should be noted that Ferniehirst, Cessford, and Roxburgh are not located in the region of the Kerr today. Though it is felt this region is likely the area the Ker/Kerr migrated from. Thanks to the Duke of Roxburghe allowing archaeologist on Roxburgh, and answer may be given in the following;


Time Team S11-E12 Roxburgh,.Scotland

One reason is the a major urban area of Roxburgh on the Tweed, was cut off from access to the sea, when the Scottish border was placed and died off from lack of trade.

MSE 12/8/2016

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