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The paper;


Warriors and people of the Halegouët

by Keith Elliot Hunter

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For Elwald to placed any importance, in accordance to Arthur Eliott, and concurs with my family line the insertion of the “i” into Ellot which would make it Breton did not happen until 1650, so it is the Breton Eliot of Wm De Aliot which would have all the influence on how the name is developed.


Arthur Eliott i insertion


Other forms of Ellot, Elwald, Elwand, and so on without an “i/y” it is felt  Elwald may have had an influence.



It is felt since my forte is not writing that Keith Elliot Hunter did an excellent write up on the subject. THE ELLIOTS: BRETONS,ENGLISH,WELSH AND SCOTS


Précis in English of paper sent to the Historical and Archeological Society of Brittany


Warriors and people of the Halegouët


By Keith Elliot Hunter



old maps showing the name spelt as Eliot, right at the location where Scott of Satchells wrote that the Eliots came from near to Glen Shee.  Keith Elliot Hunter 1/25/2016

Eliot map KEH (1)Eliot map KEH (2)

Eliot map KEH (3)

It should be noted that the place names with the single “L” of Eliot, are derived from the Breton-St Germain Eliot with a single “L” and a single “T”, of eleventh century William de (of) Aliot from southern France. The Scots around 1650 inserted and “i” in to their name Ellot which confuses the clan to this day and makes the name Elliot, with variant spellings which always had dual “L”s.

So from the eleventh century to the seventeenth century the name Aliot, becoming the Breton-St Germain Eliot existed and sprouted many variants, until the Scots inserted an “i” about 1650. Today over ninety percent are spelled Elliott, where some mainly in the United Kingdom are of the Breton-St Germain origins, but in the English plantations mainly of Scottish Elliot to Elliott origins.

MSE 2/4/2016

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