Y-DNA to locate.

Utilizing my Y-DNA, plus Family Tree DNA was able to find surname emergence for family genealogy.

Using geographic surname correlation extra

Able to use genealogy, for exact matches at twelve markers to find were the Elwald surname emerged.

Three of the four surnames showing high matches had sea coast geographic location associated with there names with the name, with the center location at the maximum number, giving a distribution which is unquestionably correct.

Mark Elliott              5/15/2013

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One comment on “Y-DNA to locate.
  1. Richard Dale says:

    I’ve created a geographical DNA project on FamilyTreeDNA for matching paternal (Y-DNA) and maternal (mtDNA).

    If you have any FTDNA results that you suspect of having Yorkshire paternal or maternal heritage I’d love to hear from you. You can join the Yorkshire FTDNA Group here:

    If you haven’t yet taken a DNA test, you can visit the following link (which periodically offers additional discounts beyond the main FTDNA site):

    My personal Yorkshire Y-DNA heritage goes back to the village of Crayke, appproximately 13 miles north of York. Surname is Dale but suspected to be Wainwright due to an illegitimate birth (William Dale son of Mary Dale b1819 d1895).

    I hope to get some DNA matches with you soon!

    Richard Dale
    Perth, Western Australia

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